Windows 10 now forces one of its most divisive tools to be installed

The latest new Windows 10 update appears to be installing a browser Microsoft Edge Forcefully on users’ devices – whether they want it or not.

As Microsoft released two new updates for the Windows 10 operating system, it says: It is a must All users Install them, but company browser will be installed as part of these updates.

The download was specified on (Windows Update) as (2020-08 Microsoft Edge Update) for Windows 10 Version 2004 (KB4576754), and affects Windows 10 versions 1809, 1903, 1909, and 2004. The second update called (KB4576753) is exclusively for Windows 10 1803, and the new Microsoft Edge will also be installed.

The move appears to be part of Windows 10 makers’ plans to remove Microsoft Edge Legacy using the new Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft says: It will install the latest version when users start Edge for the first time, and user data will be transferred from the old versions of the browser.

This includes the Start menu, shortcuts, the taskbar, and shortcuts, although the new Microsoft Edge will pin to the taskbar and contain a shortcut added to the desktop.

Users can uninstall the new Microsoft Edge browser, but it will involve wading into (command line) functions, so it might be better to leave it for now.

Microsoft is desperately trying to push users towards its Edge browser, as the company looks to keep pace with other browsers, such as Google Chrome, Apple’s Safari, and Firefox, as the latest figures from (NetmarketshareThe Edge browser ranks third behind Google Chrome and Firefox browsers in terms of the number of users, as they accounted for 7.23 percent of global users.

This batch of updates also included a hint of nostalgia with Edge 85, including a new mode that simulates Internet Explorer. So you can browse old websites that won’t work with modern browsers.

The company is also reportedly planning to launch a built-in price comparison tool, and coupon auto-fill features to Edge Browser to make it more attractive to online shoppers.

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