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Original title: Win11 22H2 Release Preview 22621.608 (KB5017389) released

News from IT House October 5, Microsoft today pushed version 22H2 of the preview of Windows 11 Build version 22621.608 (KB5017389). Microsoft said that, as Panos Panay announced a few weeks ago, as part of Windows’ continued delivery of innovation and value, Microsoft will offer an additional set of experiences to Windows 11 version 22H2 customers in October.

IT House learned that Microsoft Windows 11 version 22H2 Build 22621.608 (KB5017389) updatesIncludes a tabbed file explorer, suggested actions for things like phone numbers and dates, a new taskbar overflow menu, and an advanced sharing option on the nearby device

Here are the updates:

  • new feature! Advanced file explorer. It now includes tabs to help users organize file browser sessions like they do in Edge. On the new File Explorer home page, you can add important files for quick and easy access. Harness the power of Microsoft OneDrive to see what colleagues do with shared files. Personalized recommendations are also provided based on the user’s Microsoft 365 account.
  • new feature! Added suggestions for actions when users copy items. For example, Microsoft offers suggestions for duplicating phone numbers or future dates, as well as making calls with Teams or Skype or adding events in the Calendar app.
  • new feature! Added taskbar overflow menu. The taskbar will provide menu items to view all overflow applications in the same space.
  • new feature! You can now share across multiple devices. Users can use nearby sharing to discover and share across multiple devices, including the desktop.

Microsoft also noted that while these features are being rolled out for release preview channel users, not everyone will receive them immediately after installing the KB5017389 update. Microsoft will push these features into a staggered state so that the company can “monitor Windows Insider feedback” and possibly collect usage telemetry data.

For ordinary users using the Windows 11 2022 update, these new features are expected to officially launch in late October.Back to Sohu, see more


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