Why is Saudi Arabia now increasingly eager to import secularization?

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Recently, Saudi Arabia It was widely reported that the Samba Dance was a polemic in the country. This problem arises because a number of Saudis consider the clothes of women who dance to Samba to be too minimal.

Saudi Arabia which is known as a religion based country seems to be slowly ‘importing’ secularization in the country under the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS).

Secularization is meant to begin to separate daily life, including the administration of government, from religious affairs. One of them, the Saudi authorities slowly began to reduce the conservative rules in the country.

Why is the Saudi Kingdom now quite keen to import secular values ​​there?

The government began to allow women to wear bikinis when visiting the beach, Christmas celebrations became more open, and the Samba Dance event earlier.

There are residents who live in Saudi who told me that he could celebrate Christmas more freely in December 2021.

“You hear stories of people smuggling Christmas trees and celebrating in private, but you never see decorations or festivals of colorful lights outside like in America,” said Sydney Turnbull, as quoted by Arab News, Saturday (25/12).

But at that time, Christmas ornaments appeared in shop windows and gift products lined the shelves.

“This year in particular is probably the most common Christmas display,” says Turnbull.

The Saudi government through MBS’s instructions also began to provide basic rights to women there. One of them is starting to allow women to drive cars and travel without being accompanied by a husband or male who is still a mahram for single women.

Recently, Saudi Arabia has begun to be literate and open to the protection of women, especially regarding cases of sexual harassment, although it is not yet optimal. Previously, the Medina City court ordered the publication of the identity of the perpetrator of sexual harassment, Yasser Muslim Al-Arawi, in local media.

The sentence was set in addition to eight months in prison and a fine of 5,000 riyals. The sanction in the form of publishing the identity of the perpetrator of sexual harassment is the application of the anti-sexual harassment law in Saudi.

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