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A new production has been made at Daugavpils Theater – melodrama “XXL”. The performance is based on the play “Fat Pig” by the American playwright Nile Labut, which was staged at the Daugavpils Theater by director J. J. Gillinger. It tells of a tricky issue in society, which concerns body size and related problems, societal prejudices and stereotypes of one’s ability to defend one’s views in the ruling world.

Why do we allow the prejudices of others to run our lives? Melodrama “XXL” in DaugavpilsSylvia Smagara00:00 / 05:02

J. J. Gillinger’s production “XXL” at the Daugavpils Theater is already the second premiere this month.

“If you don’t tell us about this show right away, then spectators or listeners can definitely have very colorful associations, which it could be,” says Oleg Shaposhnikov, the director of Daugavpils Theater.

However, the show itself is based on a deep philosophical thought and, one might even say, a certain public pain.

“It’s going to be about size, about body size, about obese people, who in our society, no matter how correct we want to be, have a certain idea. On the one hand, it is a specific problem and does not affect everyone, but the author has written this work in such a way that it is not just about the fate of one particular person, but the public’s attitude towards this person, his experiences, his complexes, ”explains the theater director.

There was no doubt that neither the Daugavpils Theater nor the director J.N. Labut’s play “Fat Pig” is a good basis for the performance. J. Gillinger.

“J. J. Gillinger chose the play himself and offered it to me. After reading the play, I didn’t even think for a second, I called him back and said – the material is in the “top ten”, it must be taken and staged, “said Oleg Shaposhnikov.

“The story was recommended by my long-term partner, translator Evita Mamaja. The play is very human and a bit comical, and at the same time very topical. I offered it to Oleg, he also liked it, and that’s how we came to the result, ”says J. J. Gillinger.

Directed by J. J. For Jillinger with this melodrama “XXL”, it is a return to Daugavpils Theater.

“With the Nile Labutu J. J. Jillinger himself has his second contact, because he had already staged one of this author’s works in Riga, at the Daile Theater. I’m sure Jill has a fantastic sense of interpreting this author in a way that is easy for us to understand. Despite the fact that it [ir] a specific language that Americans joke and discuss things a little differently than we do, ”Oleg Shaposhnikov shares his thoughts.

“The material is interesting, and it is interesting to work with it, I have a more topical topic about maintaining my opinion, regardless of the fact that the opinion of others is sharply opposite to yours, do not doubt and trust your feelings and beliefs.

I like actors, all very hardworking, creative, and we really had a great time, working hard. Both Mish Abramov, with all due respect, moreover, not speaking his native language. Maija Korkliša and Zanda, and Māris Korsiets, with whom we are already working on the third show. Since I’ve lived with them quite a bit, it’s not that I need to get to know them again. I know what they are capable of, and from time to time they are able to surprise. Therefore, it creates great satisfaction to work here, in Daugavpils Theater, ”concludes Dž. J. Gillinger.

The actors of Daugavpils Theater themselves are also addressed by the theme of the show, which makes them think.

“About how much we are influenced by other people’s opinions, how they can change our thoughts and interfere with living and enjoying life. And it is also important to appreciate what is next to us, what makes us happy, ”says actress Zanda Mankopa about the show.

“It’s easy to talk about it from the stage, but behind the theater, it’s a very interesting and quiet, very quiet topic. I like that we can talk about it easily. After this show, it will be easier for people to understand that there are no problems with body weight, looks. Everyone is able to change something in themselves, ”notes actor Mikhail Abramov.

“I’m not in such utopian illusions that theater can change people, especially people. The most important thing is that the viewer spends these two hours “with the tail” with interest, and it will not be enough, “says director J. J. Gillinger.

Production – melodrama “XXL” premiered on the Big Stables of Daugavpils Theater on September 25.

The creative team of the show consists of set designer Aigars Ozoliņš, costume designer Iveta Vecmane, lighting artist Sergejs Vasiljevs, assistant director and movement consultant Linda Kalniņa. Starring: Maija Korkliša, Mihails Abramovs, Māris Korsiets and Zanda Mankopa.

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