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Became the most prolonged case ever For the death of “Nong Chompoo”, a girl at Ban Kok Kok, Tambon Kok Tum, Amphoe Dong Luang, Mukdahan Province, on Khao Lek Fai from the autopsy of the doctor, no signs of injury were found. Which is now a long time ago Still couldn’t catch the culprit As the news has already been presented

Progress on January 30, the Facebook page of “Sawitree Wongsricha”, the mother of Chompoo. Has posted a message with a picture stating that I look at my eyes. Do you still love me? My sister is hungry. I want to sleep in the soft cloth. I want to see cartoons already. Why don’t you take him home? Answer me, look at your eyes Do you love each other like this? Is This Love? At home, Nong Love is not like this.

Which after having posted the above message There have been many people in the online world to express their opinions. While Mrs. Sawitree Told the online world that It won’t work for long. The law of karma is always fair. When it is where it should be, no longer has to run away.

Thank you for pictures and information from the page Sawitree Wongsricha




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