Who Contains BAP and Who Signs Who?

BOGOR DISTRICT, KOMPAS.com – The West Java Regional Police have again named Bahar bin Smith as a suspect in the alleged abuse of a transportation driver online in the city of Bogor, West Java.

The determination of the suspect was a follow-up to the report on 4 September 2018, with the reporter named Andriansyah.

This is known based on letter number B / 4094 / X / 2020 / West Java Regional Police General Criminal Investigation Directorate issued in Bandung on October 21, 2020.

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Bahar is suspected of committing the abuse as regulated in Article 170 of the Criminal Code and 351 of the Criminal Code.

Responding to this, Bahar bin Smith’s lawyer, Aziz Yanuar, said that many police statements tended to make Bahar a suspect.

“They want to continue the process, first is the investigation, in the BAP of the reporting party, at the BAP of the reported, at least the reporter is also in the BAP, fulfills the signature, after that the investigation. (Bahar) was named a suspect. So who is in the BAP and whose signature is it ?, “Aziz said when contacted Kompas.com, Friday (30/10/2020).

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According to Aziz, the case of alleged persecution involving his client is an old case.

In fact, according to Aziz, the reporting party and the reported party have forgiven each other and have made peace.

Not only that, Aziz said, victims of mistreatment had also withdrawn the police report on June 8, 2020.

He ensured that the report’s withdrawal document was signed directly by the reporter with the Police Number: Lp / 60 / IX / 2018 / JBR / RestaBgr, dated 4 September 2018, at the Bogor City Police Office and / or the West Java Police Office.


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