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We have reached the second third of the NFL season! We only have eight weeks of regular days left and the statistics start to show favorites.

This week of Thursday Night Futbol coincided with the day of Thanksgiving in the United States, for which they disputed three encounters; two of them quite close, while the third resulted in an obvious advantage on the part of the winner.

The teams that kicked off NFL week 12 were Chicago Bears (16-14) Detroit Lions, Las Vegas Raiders (36-33) Dallas Cowboys, and Buffalo Bills (31-6) New Orleans Saints.

Meanwhile, those who went to rest are the Chiefs de Kansas City and the Cardinals de Arizona, so we won’t see them on the court this weekend.

This Sunday and Monday the games continue from 12:00 hours, and here we leave you the calendar with the schedules and teams that will face each other in this NFL week 12:

Sunday November 28

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cincinnati Bengals | 12:00 horas | Fox Sports 2

Carolina Panthers vs Miami Dolphins | 12:00 horas | NFL Game Pass

Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants | 12:00 horas | NFL Game Pass

Tennessee Titans vs New England Patriots | 12:00 horas | Fox Sports

Atlanta Falcons vs Jacksonville Jaguars | 12:00 horas | NFL Game Pass

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Indianapolis Colts | 12:00 hours | Afizzados

New York Jets vs Houston Texans | 12:00 horas | NFL Game Pass

Los Angeles Chargers vs Denver Broncos | 15:05 horas | Fox Sports 2

Minnesota Vikings vs San Francisco 49ers | 15:25 hours | NU9VE

Los Angeles Rams vs Green Bay Packers | 15:25 horas | Fox Sports

Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens | 19:20 hours | ESPN, Star+

Monday, November 29

Seattle Seahawks vs Washington Football Team | 19:15 hours | ESPN, Star+



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