When Semarang’s Pamotan River is Filled with Goat Carcasses Indicated for PMK


A total of 97 goat carcasses were found in Serang River or Kali, Pamotan Hamlet, Susukan, Semarang Regency. The goats that died came from Sumatra and were indicated to be infected with mouth and nail disease (FMD).

Dozens of goat carcasses were found by residents on Tuesday (21/6) morning. The residents then reported to the police.

The Semarang Police Chief, AKBP Yovan Fatika, said that his party was investigating who owned the goats.

“When there was a report that cattle carcasses were dumped in a river in the Susukan area, our team immediately moved quickly and thank God we found one person who helped dispose of the carcass. While there is still one, the information is that there are three people, we are still investigating including who ordered them, their identities are there but We are still investigating it,” Yovan told reporters in Semarang Regency, Wednesday (22/6/2022).

He explained that initially the goats were transported by an expedition from Sumatra, but along the way the cattle died. Then the cattle carrier asked his partner to dispose of the carcasses, which amounted to 97 heads.

“So the initial information we received at this time was asking for something like an expedition service transporting cattle by truck, two units from Sumatra, finally asking for help because the one transported has turned into a carcass. Asking for help from colleagues in the Landmark area to dispose of the carcass. A total of 97 tails,” explained Yovan.

The man who was arrested is currently being questioned. He was asked for help to help dispose of the goat’s carcass and got a reward.

“Only get a wage of Rp 100 thousand,” said Yovan.

Separately, the Head of the Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Service (Dispertanikap) of Semarang Regency, Wigati Sunu said that the dead goat and its carcass were found in Serang River, Pamotan, indicating PMK. This is based on a veterinary examination.

“Yes, based on a clinical examination from a veterinarian, there are signs of PMK,” he said when contacted, Wednesday (22/6).

His party is currently investigating the possibility of transmitting the FMD virus through river water.

Information from paramedics related to the virus (PMK), if in water it can last 40 days. What is feared is that the water will flow into agricultural land. I’m worried that there will be grass used as animal feed. But hopefully not,” explained Wigati to reporters, Thursday. (23/6).

Dozens of goat carcasses have been evacuated and buried by officers. Meanwhile, the sample has been taken by the Ministry of Agriculture for clinical trials in the laboratory.

“So at the time of sampling, the Ministry of Animal Health Directorate, until late at night. It’s cattle that have been buried dug up and then taken a sample such as a swab in the mouth. Then the investigation was carried out clinical trials, until today we have not received any information on the results of the sample,” he explained. .

Now, his party is also focusing on outreach to the community so that they report if their livestock is indicated by PMK.

“We continue to carry out socialization and education to farmers to take care of their livestock properly, care, maintain, clean the cage and give vitamins. If there is an indication of PMK, they should immediately report to the local health center,” added Wigati.

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