When is someone threatened with forced admission?


28. June 2021 – 20:04 Clock

Reality star Helena Fürst objects to her forced admission

“Deprivation of liberty” is what Helena Fürst calls her forced admission to a psychiatric hospital. The 47-year-old was arrested by the police on the evening of June 24th and taken to the closed ward of the Frankfurt University Clinic. She is accused of having made a mentally confused impression during a police operation and of attacking an officer. Lawyer Nicole Muschke has now given RTL an assessment of the legal situation.

Helena Fürst cuts the power cable and screams in the basement

Ex-jungle camper Helena Fürst was admitted to psychiatry.

© RTL / Stefan Menne

Helena Fürst is said to have cut cables in a junction box in the basement of an apartment building. When the police arrived, the reality star screamed and kept reaching into the electrical box. When trying to get the 47-year-old from the box, she is said to have attacked an officer. That is why she was now admitted to psychiatry – against her will.

Was Helena Fürst’s forced admission to a psychiatric ward justified?

Lawyer Nicole Mutschke

Lawyer Nicole Mutschke explains when a person is sent to the closed psychiatry.


The controversial “princess” claims wrongly. She is completely healthy. Therefore, there is no legal basis for their instruction. Is it just possible to admit people to a psychiatric hospital against their will? “Overall, it should already be understandable that the hurdles for accommodation against one’s own will are considerable,” explains legal expert Nicole Mutschke. “In view of the fact that a person’s rights are being violated here, the case should be quite clear.”

Lawyer Nicole Mutschke classifies the case legally

So, did the police overreact or was Helena Fürst really in a mentally confused state that justified her admission to a closed ward? Attorney Nicole Mutschke specifies the legal situation here: “The corresponding Hessian law on assistance with mental illnesses (PsychKHG) requires that a person is functionally restricted, ill or disabled as a result of a mental disorder or that there are signs of it.”

Helena Fürst is known from numerous TV shows

In 2016, Helena Fürst moved into the jungle camp, for her it was over in the semifinals. In 2020, the controversial reality star was kicked out in the first round of the TVNOW show “Like Me – I’m Famous”. A few days ago, the 47-year-old had to leave the Sat.1 show “The hardest reality show in the world – the big celebrity penance” prematurely, according to RTL information. Now the question arises when Helena’s time in psychiatry will end. (rra)



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