When could LeBron James break Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s NBA scoring record?

While Tom Brady enjoys his retirement after that second announement, there is another greatest of all-time who has a date with destiny over his next three NBA games. LeBron James scored 28 points against the New York Knicks in a historic triple/double performance that left him only 89 points away from the NBA’s all-time scoring record. A top spot that has been held by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for nearly 40 years. When he broke that record, Kareem made Wilt Chamberlain angry by taking the top spot from him but he doesn’t feel that way towards LeBron James. Contrary to the competitive spirit Wilt Chamberlain has always shown, Abdul-Jabbar is known for trying to stay zen at all times, regardless of the situation.

During the month of October, we heard Kareem effectively passing the baton to LeBron James during an October interview. In his statement, one can tell how satisfied he feels for holding that record for the last 38 years.This is what he said: “When I broke Wilt Chamberlain’s scoring record in 1984 — the year LeBron was born — it bothered Wilt, who’d had a bit of a one-sided rivalry with me since I’d started doing so well in the NBA. I don’t feel that way toward LeBron. Not only will I celebrate his accomplishment, I will sing his praises unequivocally. I’ve been carrying the torch as record holder for 38 years. I’m excited and relieved to pass it along to the next worthy recipient. LeBron earned it and I hope he carries it even longer than I did.”

When could LeBron James break Karem-s record?

The million dollar question is if LeBron James can break this historic record before the All-Star game comes. Looking at the calndar, LeBron James can potentially still play seven more games before the All-Star Game on February 19. On Thursday, the Lakers play the Pacers in Indiana. They also pay a isit to the New Orleans Pelicans after that on Saturday. Next Tuesday, LeBron James will likely have a chance to beat the record when the Oklahoma City Thunder visits the Lakers at Crypto.com Arena. Even though it-s unlikely he scores 40+ points per game between then and now, 89 points left are well below his average PPG of the season. Statistically, James should break the record whilst playing the Thunder. After that. Lakers play the Bucks, the Warriors, the Trail Blazers, and the Pelicans again before All-Star weekend. When will he beat Kareem?

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