WhatsApp’s new feature launched in Turkey

The online messaging application WhatsApp introduced multi-device support a while ago. The feature, which is still in beta, has begun to be distributed to most users.

As of today, this feature is also available in Turkey. Thus, users will now be able to continue using WhatsApp without the need for an internet connection on the phone.

You can also use a web browser to talk to someone on WhatsApp. At this point, it offers more convenience to the user. However, before, when your phone’s internet was turned off, instant messaging application was not available on your computer.


According to Haber Globel’s report in Shiftdelete; Thanks to the multi-device support it brought with the beta process, WhatsApp provided the opportunity to pair. Thus, users remained connected by pairing their phones with their computers. In addition, the application no longer allows situations such as disconnection by downloading messages directly to the computer.


Multi-device support, which WhatsApp has made available as beta, includes various situations:

  • You can use the WhatsApp application on up to 4 secondary devices at the same time.
  • You can only link one phone at a time to your WhatsApp account.
  • You need to register your WhatsApp account and connect your new devices to your phone.
  • If you do not use your smartphone for more than 14 days, the connection of connected devices becomes ineffective.


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