WhatsApp: You can leave the groups without others knowing

According to WABetaInfo, the company is working on a new feature that consists of not posting in the general chat when someone leaves the group. However, it will not be as simple as crossing the street, since the notification will only be received by the group administrator.

The first hint that this feature was in the works came a few months ago when Meta talked about the possibility of treating WhatsApp chats as communities.

In the official Meta statement, they explain that these communities are to combine different groups “under the same group with a structure that works for users.” And by treating groups as communities, Meta is looking for ways to avoid awkward moments.

The new functionality of WhatsApp will have its first release date in the version for browsers, where handling is simpler, and later it will also be added to the app for Android and iOS.

To prevent someone without permission from adding an account to a group, there is an option to limit this action. From Account Settings you will have to select Privacy and from there, choose who are the people who have permission to add others to a group.

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