WhatsApp: Trouble about data protection – company reacts surprisingly

WhatsApp is now reacting to the anger about its new data protection rules. The messenger service is making a new offer to its customers.

NRW – the messenger service WhatsApp is due to the modification his Data protection fallen out of favor with numerous users. Now the company wants the members before leaving the App preserve.

application WhatsApp
First release date May 3, 2009
developer WhatsApp Inc. / Facebook Inc
owner Facebook Inc.
Programmsprache Erlang

WhatsApp trouble due to new data protection guidelines: Messenger service changes deadline for users

There has hardly been so much application in the past few days excitement how about WhatsApp. The drastic step that users who use the new guidelines to the privacy disagree with that App should no longer use it as usual, has made big waves.

Many users of the Messengers have been faced with a difficult decision for some time. Because WhatsApp will die Guidelines to the privacy to adjust. It was discussed that user data should be linked to Facebook and used for advertising purposes. In addition had WhatsApp given its members an ultimatum. By February 8th you should click on Accept in the window that appears when using the app if you are still part of the application wanted to be.

But now the company is meanwhile too Facebook heard, rowed back and lifted the deadline – at least for now. And for that, those responsible have to widespread Rumors and to the emerging criticism Position taken.

WhatsApp: Messenger service publishes statement on privacy rumors

The joy could be limited for many users. Because Telegram competitor WhatsApp does not seem to want to do without the changes completely. The new Guidelines to the privacy should come into force on May 15, 2021 instead of February. The reason for this has the Messenger service now on Twitter communicated.

So would like WhatsApp make sure members have enough time to do the Changes read carefully. The company writes that those responsible never intended to delete the accounts of people who do not agree to the new data protection rules. And it should stay that way.

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WhatsApp makes a promise to users: data protection changes without affecting chats

In a previous communication did WhatsApp also a statement on the possible effects on personal Data released. There it says that the changed Guidelines would have no influence on the private messages.

For some time now the application the so-called end-to-end encryption. As a result, the sent messages should not be legible for the company in plain text, but only between the respective participants of the Chats.

Because of data protection criticism: WhatsApp alternatives with numerous new users

According to information from RTL.de is also a more precise one Forwarding the Data an Facebook not the central concern of WhatsApp. The portal also advises that WhatsApp the User data outside of the EU have been flowing to Facebook since 2016 in order to use them to improve products or for advertising.

Instead of the messenger services WhatsApp and Telegram, more and more users are currently relying on apps such as Singal or Threema.

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Through the criticism at the App are already many users of WhatsApp alternatives like Telegram, Threema or Signal changed. The respective companies there recently reported a large increase in members. If WhatsApp so it can still keep up in the future remains to be seen.

However, that too Messenger service Telegram not undisputed. It is said to be used by many people, for example, to spread conspiracy theories about the coronavirus among a large group.

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In the video: WhatsApp alternative Singal – is it worth the change?

Many users are still skeptical and recommend others Apps for communication via smartphone. For example, the application should work differently with the privacy bypass and do not collect member data.

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