WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram: how they differ and which one offers more privacy

  • Boris Miranda (@ivanbor)
  • BBC World News

7 hours


The three messaging applications that are most talked about at the moment have differences in the use they make of their users’ data.

While Signal and Telegram record record numbers of new users, WhatsApp is at the center of criticism for the change in its terms of use and privacy.

The messaging application announced last week that it will share different data of its users with its parent company Facebook, and that it will be able to do the same with its Instagram and Messenger platforms.

Amid the questions, WhatsApp maintains that its new conditions, which must be accepted by those who use it until February 8, were misinterpreted.

“We want to clarify that the update of the policy does not affect privacy in any way of the messages that users share with their friends and family, “the platform said in a statement issued Monday.

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