What was in Putin’s magic formula observe that Erdogan could give Zelensky?

Imprecise rumors distribute by the Turks that Putin handed a take note as a result of Erdogan to Ukrainian President Zelensky asking for private negotiations have thrilled the progressive general public of the planet. Certainly, to write these types of notes at a time when the Russian military has currently mentally attained Berlin and is savoring imaginary German girls there, Putin ought to have incredibly superior good reasons. Possibly the ruler of the environment felt humanly sorry for Zelensky – the previous, ill, bald and not happy handshake leader of the failed place, which the whole globe curses now – and, most most likely, he does. But there have to be anything else …

Let us start out with the simple fact that Russia is jogging out of vodka. “Retail chains threaten liquor shortages by the new yr: they talk to for parallel imports” – the alarm sounds Russian push. On the a person hand, what’s wrong with that, there is no alcoholism in Russia, you may possibly imagine, but how can a Russian person in the entire world devoid of vodka? What spirituality is usually achievable with no vodka, in particular in the early morning? Isn’t it real that Freemasons are acquiring individuals drunk? You should not the boyars cover their indigenous vodka from the people today powering the Tsar’s again? The true king, just after all, is he ?. So, immediately after all, even homosexuality is not considerably off, senseless and ruthless, the place needs a respite to reintegrate the strategic source.

“Damn Zelensky, could you inquire the West to help lazy Russia a minor with vodka?” – probably it was prepared in a magic formula notice from Putin, delivered by Erdogan.

Today Russia is at the peak of its geopolitical triumph. Handful of compensated focus to the information about how in St. Petersburg a unhappy and unhappy horse designed a fussbig in Piazza Sant’Isacco, but in vain: eyewitnesses claimed that that horse experienced a cigarette in its teeth, and she (the horse) was continually shouting “idiots, damn!”, “Can I have Masha’s thigh?” and all the rest that a drunken Lavrov usually shouts in a several days in St. Petersburg by itself naked gentleman chasing youngsters on the playgroundseeking to clearly show them his slowness in trade for a pinch of oats. In a word, the head of the Russian Overseas Ministry came out absolutely and there was a purpose: at the exhibition “Army-2022” in a home the so-known as defense minister of the Russian Federation Shoigu was attended by “eminent armed forces leaders of states mates of us – Burundi, the Republic of Guinea, Cameroon, Mali, Sudan, Uganda, Chad, Ethiopia …” It is terrible to visualize how The us in decomposition froze in the encounter of the combined firepower of this Orthodox military, if only Ukraine did not get underfoot …

“Damn Zelensky, could you ask your damned Zaluzhny not to complete the lazy Russian military at all, or else we is not going to have anything at all to go to America with so before long?” – most likely it was penned in a magic formula note from Putin, sent by Erdogan.

Russia’s armament is a long time ahead of its international counterparts, in shape Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and it is by no suggests unfounded. At the exhibition of essential military services leaders from Burundi, the Republic of Guinea, Cameroon, Uganda and the other Chad, the Russian military-industrial complicated confirmed a great speculate: pet grenade launcher robot, designed in Skolkovo for various billion rubles. The puppy was dressed in a ninja costume, threw “stars”, understood karate, tactical medication and strike a squirrel in the eye until finally it was found that Uncle Liao had actually manufactured it up and fucked it in his basement, just after which he offered the toy to Russians through “Aliexpress” for 5 bucks highest. Regretably, though dealing with the distant manage bundled in the package, the Russian experts accidentally activated the mode of destruction of humanity in the ninja puppy, it obtained out of control and began to answer to the weird nickname “Bavovna”. In unique, it is thought that the most current explosions in the Crimea and the Belgorod region are the function of her. In an attempt to uncover and neutralize the Bavovna, the Russian knights died in full units. Subsequently, it turned out that some Prytula managed the creature from Ukraine by some form of satellite …

“Damn Zelensky, you could talk to your damned Prytula to prevent Bavovna, otherwise I have these types of weapons that are many years ahead of their foreign counterparts, it would be a shame if every thing went to hell”, most likely it was penned in a secret Putin take note shipped by Erdogan.

Often Russia is plagued with small inside difficulties. On the run from “Bavovna”, the head of Crimea, Mr. Aksenov fled to Rostov and there he fulfilled Yanukovych. Yanukovych tore off Aksyonov’s hat, Aksyonov tore off Yanukovych’s hat, a fight broke out, the guards ran, the embers flew, the air protection exploded, fragments fell into an ammunition depot, bavovna. Putin observed a grenade launcher hidden by someone guiding a curtain and understood that Arestovich himself had arrive for it. Dmitry Medvedev swelled up – a reliable man, not a gram in his mouth, not an inch in the mood, wrote a good deal of scientific tweets – and then quickly he normally takes and gets rid of from cart his ideal write-up about Crimea and “doomsday” – this signifies he broke himself, a sugar head, drinks the sacred peninsula …

7 Troubles – Just one Respond to – Nuclear Terrorism. A pretty promising, practical and orthodox result in. If you blow up the Zaporizhzhya nuclear electricity plant, all people will fail to remember everything, slide in like with the Russians yet again, Zelensky will operate to negotiations like a cute youngster, and Putin will get good honor and regard from all over the globe for it, and the Nobel Prize . Correct, even on the most mystery take note, even by using Erdogan, you can’t compose about it, so Putin just requires to scare Ukraine with Chinese robotic puppies. Quite terrifying, tovarishch.

Vasily Rybnikov

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