What should I pay attention to when train tickets are sold on the 17th during the national holiday?

What should I pay attention to when train tickets are sold on the 17th during the national holiday?

2022-09-17 08:14:14Source: Sino-Singapore Jingwei

Sino-Singapore Jingwei, September 16 (Yang Jingchuan) The National Day holiday is approaching. From tomorrow (17) the train tickets for the National Day Golden Week will be officially on sale. Do you have travel plans?

Tickets for the Northeast are in short supply

According to the provision of the Council of State, the national holiday in 2022 will be from 1 to 7 October. According to the 15-day pre-sale period for train tickets, from September 17th, passengers can buy train tickets on the first day of National Day Golden Week (October 1st) via 12306 website, APP, etc. and train tickets on 6 and 7 October It will go on sale respectively on 22 and 23 September.

Sino-Singapore Jingwei inquired on the 12306 website and found that two days before National Day Golden Week, most of the tickets still have a surplus. Taking as an example the departure from Beijing on September 29, starting at 12:00 on September 15, most of the trains to Tianjin, Shanghai, Xi’an, Nanjing, etc. he had more reserve tickets and the trains to the northeast were slightly tight.

Remaining tickets of some trains from Beijing to Shijiazhuang on September 29.Image Source: Railway 12306 website, same below

Specifically, 82 of the 139 trains from Beijing to Shijiazhuang have more tickets; 56 of the 89 trains from Beijing to Zhengzhou can buy tickets immediately; among the 23 trains from Beijing to Harbin, there are 11 bookable trains; There are 54 trains from Beijing to Shenyang and 23 trains are available for purchase.

Sales times vary from station to station

It should be noted that the online ticket sales times for the different train stations are different, passengers must check the specific ticket purchase time based on the station where they purchased the ticket and prepare in advance to avoid losing the ticket. ticket purchase time. Specifically, passengers can open the official website of 12306, click on “Departure Time” in the “Information Request” column, then select the departure date and departure station to inquire.

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Take the starting time of train tickets to Beijing and Shanghai as an example. According to the Railway 12306 website, the Beijing West Railway Station will start selling at 8:00 am; Beijing Railway Station and Beijing Chaoyang Railway Station will go on sale at 10:00; Beijing North Railway Station will go on sale at 12:00: 00; Beijing South Railway Station will go on sale at 12:30 pm; The starting time of the station, Changping North Station and Qinghe Station is 4:00 pm. The departure time of each station in Shanghai is in the afternoon, including Shanghai Hongqiao Station from 1:30 pm, Shanghai Station, Shanghai South Station, and Shanghai West Station from 2:30 pm.

In terms of refund charges, Railway 12306 has stated that no refund fee will be charged for refunds 8 days or more prior to the departure time from the departure station on the ticket; if the refund time is within 7 days and more than 48 hours prior to the departure time on the ticket, 5% of the ticket will be deducted as a handling fee; The refund time is from 24 hours to 48 hours before the departure time as indicated on the ticket and 10% of the ticket price will be deducted as a handling fee; the refund time is within 24 hours prior to the departure time indicated on the ticket and 20% of the ticket price will be deducted as a handling fee.

Plane or train?

In terms of travel arrangements, some people prefer to take bullet trains or high-speed trains, some prefer couchettes, and some people choose to travel by air due to the shortage of tickets. So what’s the difference between the prices of ordinary trains, high-speed trains and air travel before the festival?

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Starting with Beijing as an example, Sino-Singapore Jingwei selected 12 cities including Harbin, Zhengzhou, Shanghai and Guangzhou as destinations and compared the lowest price of the day on the 12306 railway website and third-party travel platforms. It was found that the fares of the individual trains with the suffix D were relatively lower.

For example, the fare for a second-class seat on the D735 train from Beijing to Qingdao is 161 yuan, which is only about one-tenth the lower price of a ticket from Beijing to Qingdao on the 30th; the second class seat on the D711 train from Beijing to Nanjing costs only 197 yuan. , while the fare for trains with prefix G from Beijing to Nanjing is over 400 yuan. However, Sino-Singapore Jingwei noted that within half an hour of issuing the train ticket on the 29th, the 12306 railway website showed that only waiting tickets could be purchased.

In terms of airfares, the lowest prices on most routes on 29 September were lower than on 30 September. Among them, the lowest price of airline tickets from Beijing to Harbin and Qingdao on the 29th was about 50% less than that of the 30th, and also the lowest price of airline tickets from Beijing to Dalian, Kunming and Guangzhou on the 29th. it was significantly lower than on the 30th, but on the 29th and 30th The lowest airfares from Beijing to Nanjing, Wuhan and Changsha remained unchanged.

The price of plane tickets from Beijing to Shanghai is relatively cheap.The lowest price of plane tickets on the 29th and 30th is lower than the price of the G / D train from Beijing to Shanghai.

You need to have nucleic acid within 48 hours by air and by high-speed rail

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However, regardless of whether they choose to travel by train or plane during this vacation, passengers must take protective measures and prepare for a negative nucleic acid certificate within 48 hours.

On September 8, Wu Liangyou, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention of the National Health Commission, said my country will carry out “field inspections” during and around the National Day holiday. A nucleic acid testing service is provided for interprovincial migrants after arrival on the territory.

According to reports, in addition to the implementation of the “ramp inspection”, passengers must be in possession of a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours to take plane, high-speed train, train, interprovincial long-term passenger travel by bus, interprovincial passenger ship and other means of transport. When staying in hotels, hotels, and entering tourist attractions and other crowded places, please check your health code and negative nucleic acid test certificate within 72 hours.

Wu Liangyou stressed that the prevention and control measures before and after the national holiday will be implemented from 10 September 2022 to 31 October 2022. In the future, the relevant measures will be further optimized and improved according to the epidemic situation and the work needs of prevention and control.

“The domestic epidemic situation is still spreading in many places and in many places.” Wu Liangyou said the party is approaching and people’s mobility has increased. He supports the masses to celebrate the national holiday locally and try to reduce urban travel to avoid large gatherings The risk of epidemic spread caused by the flow of oscilloscopes. (Jingwei sino-Singapore APP)

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