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The family allowance fund always puts support systems in place for those families who need it the most.

Among these assistance devices, there are loans which are offered at attractive rates for households. It is especially within the framework of the improvement of your dwelling that they are granted. To find out if you are concerned or not, we will detail what there is to know about these CAF loans.

The home improvement loan: The conditions to benefit from it

The interesting loan offered by CAF is first of all the home improvement loan. In particular, it allows finance work related to the renovation and improvement of thermal insulation of a house. Its aim is to allow residents of a dwelling to enjoy better comfort, while improving the energy performance of the house.

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The amount of this loan can cover up to 80% of your expenses during the works. And the ceiling of the loan to receive is 1067.14 euros. THE repayment term is 3 years, and interest is increased by 1% for each monthly payment. The advantage of this loan lies in the fact that you start paying the monthly installments from the 6the month.

The conditions for claiming this loan are minimal. First you must be a resident of Metropolitan France, upon presentation of some supporting documents. Then you must also benefit from a family benefitsuch as a back-to-school allowance or an allowance for disabled children. For financial resources, there are no conditions required. However, priority is given to low-income and very low-income families. Your income will therefore be taken into account in this case.

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The loan for the improvement of the place of reception of the child: The interesting zero-rate loan from CAF

You have surely heard of the zero rate loan of 10,000 euros offered by CAF. This loan concerns the loan for the improvement of the place of reception of the child. As its name suggests, it allows to improve the sanitary conditions of a dwelling in order to accommodate a child, whether for an adoption or for a birth. This loan also allows ensure a safe place for children infants residing in each household.

The people concerned by this zero-rate loan are only childminders. To see the steps to follow and the pre-requisite files, just go to the official CAF website. You will find there all the details to fill in and the statutes.

The amount of this loan can reach up to 10,000 euros depending on your financial situation. However, it must finance all the work that is related to your home. The loan is repayable over a period of 10 years. And you won’t have to pay interest, as it’s a zero interest loan.

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