What is the meaning of trading Harden?U.S. media exposed Durant Irving’s distancing reputation: Harden is Irving’s insurance_Kerry Irving

Original title: What is the meaning of trading Harden?U.S. media exposed Durant Irving’s distancing reputation: Harden is Irving’s insurance

James Harden broke openly with the Rockets, and the Rockets pulled the trigger and sent him to Brooklyn—you have to admit that anger is sometimes powerful.The Nets’ deal for James Harden was definitely not a whim. During the offseason, they had already spread rumors, but there was a certain gap in the psychological price of the two sides.

Last season, the Rockets were easily eliminated by the Lakers in the Western Conference semifinals, which also ended Harden’s desire. After the offseason arrived, the news of Harden and Westbrook’s departure from the team was raging, and they all believed that the Rockets’ championship window was closed. Westbrook was the first to be traded and left, while Harden carried the Rockets’ hope of rebuilding. The Rockets handled it relatively carefully.

So far, the transaction has finally been completed.

What caused the accelerated completion of the transaction? It may have something to do with Kyrie Irving’s situation.

According to the US media “NBA Central”, Irving is not satisfied with Nash as the head coach of the Nets, and his relationship with Durant is also estranged. Regardless of whether the media reports are true or not, Kyrie Irving has missed many games due to personal reasons, and the team is very secretive about his absence.

After the Nets announced that Nash was the team’s head coach, Kyrie Irving stated in a show that “our team does not have a’head’ coach”, which caused huge controversy at the time. Two months later, Irving claimed to withdraw his previous remarks and praised coach Nash many times, and Nash also gave Irving a high rating on many occasions.

Kyrie Irving left the team after playing a few games. Although the team once stated clearly why Irving left the team, Irving’s appearance at the party made the team a little embarrassed. The head coach Nash’s attitude was a little more ambiguous, and several interviews with Irving seemed very helpless.

Of course, how the relationship between Irving and Durant is alienated, the media has not reported much in this regard.

In addition, the Nets reported on Irving’s departure from the team with reporter Anthony Puccio, saying that the biggest problem within the Nets at present is that the owner Cai Chongxin has gradually lost patience with Irving. There has been very little communication between the two sides and the Nets management has made it clear. Expressed to Owen his dissatisfaction with his series of actions.

Based on the above news, James Harden will inevitably give people other ideas to accelerate the transaction. The famous nickname Skip Bayless said on social media, “The Nets just made a deal to insure Irving, in case he can’t play because of something (the Nets can use Harden on top). “

The Nets shouldn’t have to rush to make a deal. After all, the team’s strength is good, and they need some time to run in to test how competitive the team is. But in the case of Dinwiddie’s serious injury, Kyrie Irving’s move was a blow to the Nets, and the team had to make adjustments quickly.

Next, the Nets still have to worry about Irving.

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