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What is the best time to exercise and burn fat?

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Do you have trouble working out in the morning? If your intention is to tone your body, but you don’t know what the best time to exercise is, a new study has a very good proposal for you. Discover the best time to exercise and increase calorie burning.

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What is the best time to exercise? Photo: iStock

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What is the best time to exercise? Photo: iStock

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Physical exercise is an important therapeutic measure, which helps control blood pressure, blood glucose and improves bone, muscle and cardiovascular health, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Increase calorie burning!

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There are many doubts about what is the best time to exercise. Many people do it in the morning, others in the afternoon or evening, but in reality, the doubt has been cleared thanks to a study done by the University of Mississippi.

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During a study of 16 men for 10 weeks, it was concluded that people who exercised in the afternoon, burned 4% fat, while those who exercised in the morning showed no change. What showed that the best time to exercise is after six in the afternoon.

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The researchers consider that, when exercising in the afternoon, the muscles have a better strength to perform resistance movements. Even, the metabolism of people often works faster, in addition to reducing injuries because the body is hot and more flexible.

Lack of exercise is one of the main factors related to overweight and obesity.

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Figures from the Ministry of Health indicate that 8 out of 10 Mexicans over 30 do not perform any physical activity. Although remember that the best time to exercise is decided by you.

Is your moment!

If you want to start exercising on a daily basis, the Secretary of Health (SSa) also provides some recommendations.

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  • Walk Walking at least 30 minutes a day helps you begin to adapt and move on to any other exercise or activity you choose.

  • Get organized If you cannot start with 30 minutes of walking, divide this exercise into two sessions of 15 minutes each.

  • Set a schedule. Walking at the same time each day will help to make this activity a part of your lifestyle and your body is 2 “programmed” for it.

  • Do not be discouraged. If for any situation or circumstance you do not perform physical activity one day, plan to do it another day to recover that time and add 10 or 15 extra minutes during your routine.

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