What can we do to reduce global warming?

Efforts to reduce global warming are difficult, but not impossible. Experts also draw attention to the fact that not so long ago we managed to bring about a significant change by accident, and it could also be achieved consciously.

In 2020, global carbon dioxide emissions decreased by 6.3 percent, which was a larger positive decline than in any previous year. It also preempted the decrease in emissions that occurred during the 2009 financial crisis, as well as the results of measurements made during the Second World War.

This obviously occurred due to the curtailment of car, truck and air transport due to the restrictions introduced due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, based on the insights of experts, if changes with similar results were to be introduced into everyday life in a targeted and controlled manner, then the desired level could be maintained in the long term.

“It’s not just about individuals doing their part to reduce the amount of travel they do, because that sort of thing isn’t the answer. A planned transition is needed throughout society to make the necessary changes”

– He told Nerilie Abramclimate researcher.

In one study, researchers used 21 climate models to account for water scarcity, heat stress, disease, flooding, drought, and economic impacts. As a result, they determined that hundreds of thousands of people will be exposed to severe droughts at further levels of warming, but the plan and the work carried out for it — that is, limiting warming to 1.5 °C — could reduce the global effects by 20 percent.

Sadly, since the closures were lifted, CO2 emissions have returned to 2019 levels. Despite this, the researchers are convinced that every small step in the fight counts, and with a joint effort, the Earth’s climate can be saved.

“The effort to stop the rise in temperature is not an abstract attempt to bend the curves of a graph, but a struggle for a livable planet”

— we can read a ScienceAlert in his article.

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