what about the Russian Sputnik V vaccine?

Sputnik V, the russian coronavirus vaccine, it was the first registered vaccine against the virus worldwide. The vaccine was developed by the National Gamaleya Center funded by the Russian Fund for Direct Research. The vaccine, however, is not included among those approved by the World Health Organizationand as a consequence, many people vaccinated with this vaccine around the world may have problems when entering another country, since some ask that people who enter be vaccinated with vaccines approved by the WHO, he recalled France 24. That includes, for example, many Latin American countries that opted for the Russian vaccine. Peru, Mexico, Venezuela or Argentina are some examples.

And the Ukraine war hasn’t exactly helped. As a result of the Russian invasion, WHO has delayed analysis of ongoing Russian vaccine for emergency use. The revisions, as reported by the WHO, had been affected. Russia’s intention was to develop a vaccine that would be cheaper than that of Pfizer and Moderna and would have fewer logistics and distribution difficulties. Behind vaccines there is a lot of geopolitics. Some countries, however, have chosen to throw away miles and with studies that have shown that there were no harmful consequences, they have decided to put a second dose of the Sputnik vaccine with one of messenger RNA.

war effects

After what Russia invaded Ukraine, Western countries blocked their airspace to Russian planes and imposed harsh economic and financial sanctions. The WHO had been reviewing the vaccine for emergency use authorization since last year. In October of last year, the WHO suspended the process of listing the emergency use of Sputnik V, saying that data were missing and legal procedures pending, highlights the publication Pharmaceutical Tecnhnology.

In a previously published study, the Sputnik V vaccine was found to be safe and could prevent serious illness in infected people. If WHO authorization is granted, the vaccine could be purchased as part of COVAX for worldwide supply.

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India in trouble

The war has also affected sales of Sputnik Light. It has not been possible to sell the stock of this vaccine due to the conflict in Ukraine. And vaccine diplomacy is advancing. Bangalore-based Stelis Biopharma got in touch a few weeks ago with the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, requesting the acquisition of the injections to inoculate citizens or supply to other countries under the Vaccine Maitri program. as collected CNBCStelis Biopharma, the biopharmaceutical arm of Strides Pharma Science, said it was unable to sell 2.5 billion units of the single-dose vaccine made because of various limitations after the Russia-Ukraine war.

More problems for Russia

Some experts explained The Optimist that the sanctions would making the vaccine was more complicated, especially in quantities sufficient for export, and any customer who wants it will have a hard time paying for it. The war could also make it more difficult for the WHO to eventually approve the vaccine. It would be very difficult to understand that in the midst of the atrocities of a war, the approval would go ahead. Regardless, the lack of regulatory approval may be more a reflection of policy than effectiveness. The data highlight that the vaccine Sputnik V has an effectiveness of 91.5%.

Main image: several vials of the Russian vaccine from Sputnik / Efe

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