WFH with the Help of Various Features in the Latest Samsung Galaxy Note – The Covid-19 pandemic cannot be handled. This is evidenced by the number of Covid-19 infections nationally which continues to increase in several regions in Indonesia, including the center of the national economy in the DKI Jakarta area.

Due to the high number of Covid-19 infections, several regions, including DKI Jakarta, have re-imposed the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) policy. As a result, several office sectors and employees were again asked to work from home work from home (WFH) in order to cut the transmission of Covid-19.

Even though the PSBB policy was taken again and workers returned to carrying out WFH, it seems that the community, especially professional workers, need not worry. This is because now there are many technology and productivity support devices that are easy to carry and use, one of which is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series.

Samsung Mobile Product Marketing Manager for Samsung Electronics Indonesia Taufiqul Furqan said that every innovation presented by Samsung always puts the needs of consumers first. Every technological leap and upgrade made by Samsung is the result of in-depth research on consumer desires.

“Therefore, through the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series, Samsung enhances the work and play experience through improved features and specifications. In order to provide a more powerful experience for users while working and playing using their Samsung Galaxy Note20, “he said.

Work smarter with Samsung Notes

The Galaxy Note 20 Series based on our tests, comes with a more optimized Samsung Notes experience, taking notes, editing and organizing files is easier than ever. For this WFH requirement ultimately gives you more options to optimize the way you work or learn remotely.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Series you can easily download online class materials or other work materials in PDF format. With ease, you can then import the material into Samsung Notes in PDF format so that you can highlight important words, or leave your comments in specific sections for a maximum learning experience.

There is also an Audio Bookmark feature that can help you when you are listening to online classes through your laptop. You only need to attach your voice recording to Samsung Notes so you can time sync your writing on the voice recording.

To listen to the voice recording, you just have to tap on the words you wrote, and the voice recording will automatically play the sound that has been synced with the text. This feature makes it very easy for you to review the notes that you have made at a later time.

Samsung Notes also makes it easy for you to create presentations. You can instantly convert your writing on Samsung Notes into PowerPoint, PDF, or Word to make it easier for you to share your notes with your team.

Extend your experience using your Note 20

Not only that, for those of you who want to work seamlessly using several different devices, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series comes with several features that give you more convenience and flexibility, whatever the work is being done.

With the Link to Windows and Your Phone app features from Microsoft, it gives users full access to all applications and files on your Galaxy Note 20 Series with your PC via screen mirroring. With the link to Windows feature you can reply to messages either SMS, Whatsapp, or other messaging apps on your PC, you can also view notifications for your Note 20 device via PC while connected to Link to Windows.

You can also perform file transfers using Link to Windows, take photos, videos, or documents of yours located on your Galaxy Note 20 to a PC. This is useful for making it easier to put pictures in presentations, send files via email or transfer videos that you take for later editing using a PC and uploading to many other applications.

These features make it easier for you to focus fully on your PC device. Apart from Link to Windows, Samsung Dex also makes it easy for you to do things, by connecting your Smart TV with the Galaxy Note20 series to provide a bigger screen experience on your Galaxy Note20 Series.

As we have previously reviewed, Samsung DeX provides users with an uninterrupted dual screen experience so you can enjoy your favorite entertainment with your SmartTV screen while you can easily reply to messages or take notes while watching a documentary.

Get creative with the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Pro-Grade videos

Finally, being at home doesn’t mean you have to lose your creativity. Now making content even easier with the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series gives users the ability to control Pro-Video Mode even more creatively.

Now, Pro Video Mode gives users the ability to record 8K resolution video with 21: 9 aspect ratio which makes it easier for device owners to record, stream, and share content. The Multi-Source Microphone feature can also easily adjust the sound source of the videos you record.

There are several modes to choose from, namely front, back, omni, USB, and bluetooth, all with their respective uses. For those of you who like to do vlogging, you might want to choose a front sound mode that maximizes the sound capture coming from the direction of the smartphone screen ensuring the recorder can take selfie videos with maximum sound quality.

Omni mode is also useful when the user wants to take a picture of the scenery while telling a story so you can still get ambient sound while taking pictures. If users have Galaxy BudsLive, they can also use Bluetooth mode to get maximum sound quality by taking advantage of the noise cancellation feature on the Galaxy BudsLive which can reduce background noise when recording sound.

WFH with the Help of Various Features in the Latest Samsung Galaxy Note

UPGRADED: Pro Grade Video camera features on Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. . (RianAlfianto /

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