Westworld creators working on series based on Fallout games NOW


Amazon Studios is working on a television series based on the popular game series Fallout. Lisa Joy and Jonah Nolan, known for the science fiction series Westworld, are at the helm of production, reports The Hollywood Reporter Friday.

Fallout was first released in 1997 and has had several sequels since then. The stories take place in a world in which history has changed and nuclear energy has become more important. Players explore a dystopian world slowly recovering after a devastating war. The most recent part, Fallout 76, was released in late 2018.

A writer or director is not yet associated with Amazon’s new series. Information about a cast or release date will probably take longer.

Recently, television platforms are showing more interest in popular games. That’s how Netflix brought The Witcher HBO is working on a series that is inspired by The Last of Us. The American pay channel Showtime has long had plans to put on a television series Halo base.

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