“We’re still friends” (but mislead the question)

In the past inseparable between set and private life, Christian De Sica e Paolo Conticini they haven’t seen each other for a few years. An absence from the scene and the worldliness that has fueled rumors of tension between the two. The Roman actor, however, assures that he still has a good relationship with his colleague, as he told Domenica In.

Retracing his career with Mara Venier, De Sica commented on the actors and actresses he worked with, starting with Conticini: “Paolo started with me, he’s very good. A beautiful friendship was born between us and are we still friends“When the host asked him if he had followed his successful adventure in ‘Dancing with the Stars’, however, he sidetracked, continuing to talk about others.” I always tried to work with the same people. For example, the friendship that binds me to Neri Parenti and Carlo Vanzina is not a working relationship, but we are friends. Now I have also become friends with my producers, from Aurelio (De Laurentiis, ed) to Marco Cohen, who produced this last film “.

Christian De Sica great absent from Paolo Conticini’s wedding

To corroborate the texts of a removal between Christian De Sica and Paolo Conticini, the absence of the Roman actor at the wedding of his friend, who in July 2013 married his historical partner, Giada Parra. On that occasion the curtain fell definitively on the relationship between the two, at least on a public level. Always years ago, rumors spread about their alleged liaison, categorically denied.

Christian De Sica: “Sabrina Ferilli is a sister”

Among the many colleagues-friends that Christian De Sica spoke about, Sabrina Ferilli could not miss, many times with him on the set: “Sabrina is my sister – said the actor – Every year I go on vacation with Sabrina, this year unfortunately we can’t. She is much more than a friend. “



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