[Weather] Early onset of high temperature phenomenon tomorrow… Watch out for dry air and fire risk.

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[날씨] High temperature phenomenon that is too early tomorrow… Air dry, beware of fire

As we entered April, the feeling of spring became more evident.

It wasn’t warm today, so it was a bit hot.

The temperature rose quickly in the sun and showed the weather equivalent to late May.

Today, the highest daytime temperature in Seoul was 25.6 degrees, the highest temperature recorded this spring.

The temperature will rise as much as today at 26 degrees in the middle of the day tomorrow.

Until tomorrow morning, you must continue to be careful of fine dust.

In Incheon, the daily average ultrafine dust concentration is bad, and in the metropolitan area such as Seoul and Chungnam, the air will be cloudy at some point in the morning.

The dust will gradually dissipate as atmospheric diffusion improves in the afternoon.

Tomorrow the sky will be clear across the country.

As there is no news of rain, the atmosphere will be very dry.

Today, the special dry warning has been expanded and strengthened once again.

Now, there is a dry warning in Seoul, the central part, and Gyeongbuk.

Dry warnings are in effect for most areas.

From tomorrow afternoon, the wind will blow strongly around the Yeongnam area.

Please be careful not to cause a fire accident.

Clear and warm spring weather will continue through Monday.

Rain will fall across the country between Tuesday and Thursday to soothe the dry air.

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I gave you the weather.

(Kim Min-ji weather caster)

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