We will not stop building and soon the world will be asking, “Is this Saudi Arabia?” • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: NEOM Project CEO Nazmi Al-Nasr said, “We will not stop building because our ambition is to make big dreams come true.” Soon adding, “The world will ask, ‘Is this Saudi Arabia?'”

He indicated, during his speech at the Travel and Tourism Summit, that new airlines have been built, and continued: “We would like to make sure that tourism is completed with NEOM, and we will never stop, and this indicates the importance of the tourism and provide tourists with sufficient travel and tourism experience when moving from the region.” to another.

He added: “There are challenges that we have to face, but we need to continue in the phase of challenges and others, and see our goals, and we would like you to invest with us in the city of NEOM.

And he continued: We have an important announcement in the launch of Rogina, and many of you have seen this announcement, and we call it the base of Neom, and it will show us many great resorts in the Kingdom.

And he concluded, soon people will be asking, “Is this Saudi Arabia?” Yes, it’s Saudi Arabia, because we aspire to make all the big dreams come true.

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