We played League of Legends on mobile: the basics are there

For fans of the franchise who want to keep playing on all media, Riot Games has got you covered. “League of Legends: Wild Rift” is coming to smartphones and tablets. A version which takes up the fundamentals of the game without betraying them and with the same requirements as that which made the reputation of MOBA.

League of Legends : Wild Rift
League of Legends : Wild Rift // Source : Riot Games

Notice to League of Legends fans! More than 11 years after its debut on PC, the iconic video game is abandoning keyboards and mice to come to smartphones and tablets. League of Legends : Wild Rift, new variation of the title of Riot Games, throws itself into the mobile arena and proudly takes up the torch without making as many concessions as one might fear by changing the medium.

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After a first beta phase in Asia, players will be able to get their hands on the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) from December 8 in Asia, then from December 10 in Europe and the rest of the world. A major challenger in the niche already occupied by titles such as Arena of Valor, Heroes of Soulcraft, Mobile : Legends or VainGlory. But not everyone has the power of LoL (for close friends).

Gameplay reimagined, but not betrayed

League of Legends : Wild Rift is not a simple port on mobile, and subsequently on consoles, also took the opportunity to slip the American publisher. Both the map and the skins have been designed to be adapted to a smaller screen, which can also be of very different sizes (from 4 to 7 inches). Everything is calibrated to offer quick games. At Riot, we are aware that the approach of LoL on mobile is more like snacking of play than at a time taken for a long game as is generally the case on PC.

League of Legends : Wild RiftLeague of Legends : Wild Rift

League of Legends : Wild Rift

And LoL : Wild Rift is undoubtedly a little brother of the franchise in terms of its graphics and gameplay, it is not however a distorted version. There was no question of making a game easier under the pretext that it was for a smartphone, explains Riot Games. This variation is seen as a continuity of experience, with its same requirements, but also the desire to attract League of Legends fans, their curious friends or even novices who do not necessarily have PC at hand.

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But no chance of finding a “mainstream” game here. If the handling is more simplified than on the PC version, with extremely well detailed tutorials and training areas, the game is not easy to understand or tame when you venture into it for the first time. But everything is done to quickly assimilate the fundamentals.

Obviously there is a competitive goal behind this new experience in the universe of League of Legends. Riot’s MOBA, already among the most famous esport tournaments in the world, sees this as an opportunity to broaden its field of intervention with a new competition support on mobile and probably eventually on console.

Comment fonctionne League of Legends : Wild Rift ?

The gameplay remains true to habits with 5v5 battles that have made the game famous. You can opt for matchmaking or play with friends against the AI.

Redesigned for mobiles, the game simply adapted the choice of controls, interactions and play area to the medium and the prospect of shorter games.

We find the map at the top left, right next to the icons of your team members and information about your champion (life gauge, levels, powers, etc.). All the accessories you own, the gold you collect, are displayed all around the playing area.

Touch controls are on the screen, with two joysticks to manage movement (left) and the wheel of spells (right).

We can also find emblematic LoL champions (around fifty, list expandable over time), with a wide variety of profiles to deploy more strategies, design complementary teams, etc. And all of them are free, insists Riot Games. The game is free-to-play “without having to add money to be stronger”. It is however possible, as in Fortnite, to pay to obtain cosmetic items and to customize your champion.

League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions are plentiful and unlock quickly throughout the gamesLeague of Legends: Wild Rift Champions are plentiful and unlock quickly throughout the games

League of Legends: Wild Rift Champions are plentiful and unlock quickly throughout the games

A game accessible even to beginners

I was able to play it for a few hours and I would qualify my level more as “Great beginner”, even though I had already tried my hand at LoL a few years ago when the game was released. You can’t say that I am excellent in terms of “MOBA-type” reflexes, my player profile is not really geared towards this category of games. For the purposes of the test, I stuck to it, but also because I am one of the targets put forward by Riot Games: “the new curious who want to try it out and discover the universe”. And we can say that I was not disappointed with the difficulty that awaited me and that I had envisaged.

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LoL : Wild Rift includes all the fundamentals of the gameplay that we know, the same visual atmosphere and the atmosphere that have made millions of followers of these fights. You have to play it just as tactically and strategically as a team. The parties are dynamic and nervous. Even without necessarily mastering it well, we take pleasure in playing, with graphics which are moreover pleasant enough to get in the mood.

Seraphine, one of the characters in League of Legends: Wild RiftSeraphine, one of the characters in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Seraphine, one of the characters in League of Legends: Wild Rift // Source: Riot Games

While I tiptoed into the pre-launch test sessions given my meager pedigree on the game and was pretty happy with it, so were more experienced players who suffered my tag team attempts.

« The difference between the PC and Mobile versions is both glaring and there isn’t really that much difference in the end.“, Explains Anil Brancaleoni, YouTuber and gaming specialist better known under the name of“ WaRTeK ”. “League of Legends PC is a benchmark as a keyboard / mouse MOBA and the adaptation of Wild Rift on mobile is truly impressive! It is very intuitive and easy to learn even for someone who has never played this type of game on a mobile. The first game sessions gave me similar sensations to my first games on LoL 7 years ago. And I can’t wait to play it again with friends! “

League of Legends: Wild RiftLeague of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift

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