We Gaan Fetch them arrived on Lesvos for refugees

The plane was not allowed to land there and had to divert to Athens. The group of nine then traveled to Lesvos by local transport.

They are angry about the turn of events. “To our great frustration, the plane was taken from us. Without any form of consultation and based on inadequate information, the Greek government forced us to stop.”

Devastating fire

The group is now on Lesvos to talk to refugees in a new refugee camp that has been built after the devastating fire in camp Moria. With their action they want to show how bad things are with the refugee shelter on Lesbos.

“It has been a lot about sleeping bags and emergency aid in recent weeks, which silenced the calls for evacuation. The only question that came from the people of the former Moria camp was evacuation,” says We Gaan Ze Halen.

Manifestation The Hague

The Netherlands decided to receive fifty single children and fifty vulnerable migrants. The action group thinks that is too little. State Secretary Ankie Broekers-Knol of Justice and Security disapproved the campaigners’ plan on Friday, she informed them in a letter.

Tomorrow We Gaan Ze Halen will take place upon return of the aircraft a manifestation in The Hague. People who want to come are asked to wear a face mask.

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