WATCH: Genk thanks top scorer Paul Onuachu for simple win against Westerlo | Croky Cup 2022/2023

After 27 of 27 in the league, Genk have also successfully completed their cup match. Top scorer Paul Onuachu gave his team a head start against Westerlo. This was enough for the tenth consecutive victory in a weak game.


14 ‘Onuachu: 0-1

Wouter Vrancken was on guard and did not rotate against the “dangerous” Westerlo. The coach wanted to surf on the 9 consecutive victories in the competition.

That tactic worked. Paul Onuachu – who else? – takes the lead on the ropes before the quarter of an hour after a rebound.

Genk then felt like a midweek stroll and braked. In a slow-paced game, the visitors saw Westerlo force small chances without creating any real danger.

Vrancken’s dissatisfaction off the line didn’t bother his team much. On the 11th on the turf he controlled a second half to advance quickly.

Nene scared the guests off for a while with a sting and a penalty also caused a sensation in the finale, but the Genk continues to transform after a match without too many fireworks.

Wouter Vrancken would have liked to see his team play faster.

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  1. end, 22 hours 24. End: 0-1. Except for the penalty in the closing seconds, Genk easily beat Westerlo after a slow match. The guests check after Onuachu’s first goal. Westerlo brought too little to claim the 1/8 finals. .
  2. second half, game over at minute 95
  3. second half, minute 93. Westerlo claims a penalty. Revolt in the last seconds! Westerlo saw a hand play after a shot from the second row. There is no VAR in the Cup and the referee did not see it, much to the discontent of the home team. .
  4. second half, minute 86. Genk now kills the game. Westerlo tries, but slowly it will have to happen with a nice long pass. .
  5. second half, 84 minutes. Trésor, who has been awarded several times this week for his shooting technique, does not crash into the wall. Typical for this competition: it’s all “just not” in Genk. Although it does not have to be immediately with the current score. .
  6. recovery, minute 79. Westerlo opts for the offensive ending, Genk hides on the counterattack. The home team must pull out all the stops and concede a free kick at an interesting point. .
  7. second half, minute 78. Then Westerlo! The home team advanced well and took Vandevoordt at gunpoint. The attempt goes wrong and goes a little to the side. It’s still possible? .
  8. second half, 73 minutes. Despite the disadvantage, it is striking that Westerlo has never been able to threaten Vandevoordt. Bert Sterckx on Radio 1.
  9. second half, minute 67. Vandevoordt must block a tight cross in two halves. The most exciting thing happened in the second half for Genk’s goal. .
  10. second half, 63 minutes. Genk’s 11s opt for certainty. They play the ball smoothly in their own half. Setting up a split attack isn’t high on the to-do list. .
  11. second half, minute 60. Wouter Vrancken makes crazy gestures. He clearly isn’t satisfied with his team’s regular play. Even if Genk doesn’t let Westerlo come into play and doesn’t give opportunities. Bert Sterckx on Radio 1.
  12. second half, minute 56. Genk at full power, but certainly not at full speed tonight. Bert Sterckx on Radio 1.
  13. second half, minute 55. El Khannous takes a walk through Westerlo’s defense. He takes the opportunity and provokes a corner kick. Gillekens snatched a Trésor cross from the air. .
  14. second half, 51 minutes. After a quick change, Paintsil looks for his friend Onuachu in the big back line. Westerlo is back with enough people to prevent the worst. .
  15. second half, minute 49. No substitution anywhere. Both De Roeck and Vrancken have confidence in the starting eleven. .
  16. second half, minute 48. Westerlo will still want to show something in the second half. He has a rich cup history and broke the knee in ‘t Kuipje Antwerp last year. Bert Sterckx on Radio 1.
  17. second half, minute 46. Second half. The second half has begun. Can Westerlo still threaten Genk or will the leader of the competition raise the score? .
  18. second half, game started at minute 46
  19. first half, 21:15 First half: 0-1. Without an additional second half, Westerlo and Genk enter the locker room. Genk can thank Onuachu for a half time advantage. The Nigerian scored a hard rebound in a slow paced game. .
  20. first half, minute 40 game over
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