Washington is intensifying its war threats against Iran

For the third time in just over a month, the Pentagon has sent two B-52 Stratofortress long-range heavy bombers to the Persian Gulf as a war threat against Iran. On the orders of US President Donald Trump, these threats are continuously tightened. Even at the end of his term in office, the still-president could still try to undermine the results of the November election.

The bombers, which can be armed with nuclear or conventional weapons, had set off from their bases in North Dakota on a 30-hour scenic flight. After air-refueling in the eastern Mediterranean, they flew low over the Persian Gulf in a squadron of F-16 fighter jets.

Refueling a B-52H “Stratofortress” of the US Air Force over the Persian Gulf by a tanker of the type KC-135 “Stratotanker” (Senior Airman Roslyn Ward / US Air Force via AP)

Without specifically naming Iran, the commander of the US Central Command (CENTCOM), which is responsible for the operations of the US military in the Middle East, left no doubt as to who the provocative use of the bombers was directed against.

Announcing the overflight over the Gulf, CENTCOM Commander General McKenzie stated, “The US continues to deploy combat-ready troops within the area of ​​responsibility of US Central Command to deter any potential adversary and to make it clear that we are ready and able to act to react to any aggression against Americans or our interests (…) We do not seek conflict, but nobody should underestimate our ability to protect our armed forces or to react decisively to any attack. “

The missions of the B-52 bombers are only part of the threatening and ever-growing US military presence in the region. Last week the Navy sent the nuclear submarine USS Georgia, armed with cruise missiles and escorted by warships, to reinforce the aircraft carrier combat group stationed there around the USS Nimitz in the Persian Gulf.

The media in Israel and other Middle Eastern countries have also revealed that Israel has deployed its own submarine through the Suez Canal, apparently towards the Persian Gulf. The Dolphin-class submarine can fire nuclear missiles.

Israel, meanwhile, continues its air strikes against Iran-related targets in Syria. The Nabi Habil area near Damascus was bombed on Wednesday.



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