Vt levn iPhone si d naas. Letos se ho nedokme

According to Young, this cheap iPhone could be marked SE + 5G, which is untraditional for Apple. This would be the first time he would have used a plus sign in a name. First of all, it could mean that this is a wall-mounted model from 2020, and the most important new feature is contained in the name itself. So the support of st pt generation.

On the other hand, we’ve met her in the past with showy iPhone. Pdomkem Plus bag Apple marked in two versions of the iPhone, a model with a vtm display. He last used this sign five years ago, in 2017 with one generation of the iPhone (iPhone 8). According to Young, this year’s SE model will be able to display itself, following the example of its predecessor, it can retain a 4.7 “flap.

This would mean that Apple would launch a completely unique one this year, which means that such a compact smartphone is not on the market today. Fans of the cheap iPhone, who hoped for a certain shift in the size of its display, will have to go to bed. However, it would not have to be as long as logically argued.

According to Young, the next generation to meet for 2024 should drink well in advance. That’s her five years. This year, Applejen would unify its support, and the basic 5G models will support it from the pediatric generation (iPhone 12). At the time of its premiere, the existing iPhone SE (2020), which supports the next generation of meetings, was on the market with seven months.

If Young’s pedpov, he informed the portl Phonearena, confirm, then we would unusually get a new cheap iPhone for two years in a row. There will probably be a two-year gap between the last and the expected generation, and even a tie between the first and second.

The 2023 model should offer users one inch per inch of display, ie 5.7 “. If so, it will be the first model in the iPhone family to display such a range. In the past, Apple used the most dimensions on its smartphones 5.5 “and 5.8” panels, the X, XS and 11 Pro models were fitted with the latter. This could indicate the direction in which the design of the future cheap iPhone SE could go.

It is customary to have modern hardware, so its packaging is flying. The first generation from 2016 was based on the then three-year-old model 5s, the design bag practically took over from the six-year-old iPhone 4. The second generation introduced in 2020 is recycled then the three-year-old iPhone 8 (2017), which nevertheless follows the design page vychz zo dal ti years old iPhone 6 (2014).

Two pieces of information indicate that the expected iPhone SE, which according to Young is now marked SE + 5G, is based on the design of the page based on the three-year-old XR model. So a cheaper version of the second generation iPhone with minimal lines around the display (see more Levn iPhone SE mon bude pekvapiv pln jin. M mt modern geny).

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