Vodafone: maintenance and local restrictions on November 30th


Vodafone operates a cellular, cable and DSL network. These are regularly serviced. Find out where there will be maintenance work or local restrictions on November 30th here.

No picture? This can be related to maintenance work in the Vodafone cable network. (Source: sumners /depositphotos.com)

Is your Vodafone connection not working or your cell phone cannot dial into the network? Nationwide network failures are not always behind such disruptions. Often there is only a problem with a local distribution point or base station. Maintenance work can also cause short-term failures.

We will keep you informed about planned maintenance work at Vodafone and Vodafone Kabel and known local restrictions. According to Vodafone, the following restrictions and maintenance work are currently in place:

  • Failure of all cable services in Dessau
  • (Update: Fixed) Restriction of mobile telephony 4G (VoLTE) in the zip code area 2612x – 2613x, 26160, 26188, 2620x – 2621x

Vodafone itself provides information about this in its Breaking news board in the Vodafone forum.

Current fault map from Vodafone

This incident map was last updated on November 30, 2021 at 6:34 pm. You can find a more current version in our malfunction report for Vodafone. There we try – as far as possible – to help you solve the problem.

Vodafone outage map

Affected cities and regions

  • Frankfurt am Main
  • Berlin
  • Hamburg
  • Munich

Most common disorders

  • DSL connection (38.58%)
  • TV connection (23.03%)
  • Login (3,58%)
  • Mobile Internet (12.54%)
  • Cellular (7.68%)
  • Phone (12.03%)
  • Website (2.56%)

Report fault

Fault report from netzwelt.de

We continuously measure the availability of Vodafone’s servers and services and show you any problems or malfunctions. Here you can find the current malfunction status for Vodafone, support addresses and reports from the manufacturer about this problem. There you can also see whether the disorder is a local or a supraregional problem.

You can always see current malfunctions and problems in our malfunction report. There we list the most important internet providers, network providers, online games and streaming services for you. You can also use our speed test to test whether there is a problem with your own line.

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