Virology ‘Bat Woman’ Called Corona Virus Not from Laboratory …


BEIJING – A virus expert China who is nicknamed “Bat Woman” claims that corona virus which is now endemic in the world does not come from Wuhan virology laboratory. This is based on the results of a series of recent tests.

Shi Zhengli, who is deputy director of the Wuhan Institute of Virology and best known for his work on the virus, said that tests on infected workers from southwest China showed that none of the subjects had Covid-19.

The latest tests were carried out from blood samples taken eight years ago from miners who fell ill after working in a bat cave.

His findings published this week are an update to a paper he produced in February in the scientific journal Nature Sputnik from the South China Morning Post, Sunday (22/11/2020).

Known as the ‘Bat Woman’ from China for her research on the Coronavirus in animals, Shi identified that the genetic nature of the virus she is working with does not mimic the spread of the Corona virus that has spread around the world.(Also read:Nearly one million Chinese citizens were injected with the experimental Covid-19 vaccine)

The Wuhan virology center has been the subject of unsubstantiated theories, including claims that the Corona virus was produced in its laboratory with leaked biological weapons.

In May, President of the United States (US) Donald Trump denied his own intelligence agency by saying that the Corona virus originated from a Chinese laboratory.

Trump was asked by a reporter at the White House if he had seen anything that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was the origin of the virus.

“Yes, I have. Yes, I have”, said the President. “And I think the World Health Organization (WHO) should be ashamed of themselves because they are like a public relations agency for China,” Trump said at the time.

Despite international standards around naming viruses that prohibit naming with regard to geography, Donald Trump has repeatedly referred to Covid-19 as the “Chinese Virus” in an attempt to link the pandemic to its geopolitical rivals.

As recently as November, Trump used the name in praise of Pfizer’s vaccine results.(Also read:Covid-19 Appears in Italy in October 2019, China Refuses to be Called the culprit)

So far, the Coronavirus has infected nearly 58 million people worldwide and caused the death of 1.37 million people, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.



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