Virologists commented on the data on the negative consequences of COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC

Reproductive function may be impaired in men who have had coronavirus. About it reported at the Israeli Sheba Medical Center, reports The Jerusalem Post.

Scientists at the center conducted a study, during which they found virus particles in the semen of 13% of male patients with coronavirus. According to experts, in those infected, even with a mild form of the disease, the number and motility of sperm decreased by 50%. This effect may persist even 30 days after infection.

According to the publication, scientists found that 12 patients had changes in the cells of the testicles, which are responsible for the development of sperm and the production of the hormone testosterone, which provokes their division and reproduction. Lead scientist Dan Aderk noted that the reason for this is the fact that due to the virus, the ACE2 receptor can destroy testicular cells, causing infertility. The specialist emphasized that for a more accurate understanding of the problem, it is necessary to continue monitoring the patients.

Putin spoke about the not yet receded threat of coronavirus in Russia

Vladimir Putin


Galina Kozhevnikova, an infectious disease doctor, head of the Department of Infectious Diseases of the RUDN University, told RBC that it is impossible to exclude the option of developing infertility in men. “Such an action of the virus, if we are talking about the gland, is quite possible, but we must look at a longer period,” she added.


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