Video message from the Minister Delegate of the Minister of Foreign Affairs UTO during a ministerial meeting organized by the Mexican government for the launch of the Group of Friends on Gender Equality at the Generation Equality Forum in Mexico City

On March 31, 2021, Minister Delegate to Foreign Minister UTO Takashi delivered a video message (text in english) during a ministerial meeting organized in Mexico City by the Mexican government for the launch of the Group of Friends on Gender Equality as a side event to the Generation Equality Forum.

Considering the importance of addressing the issue of post-COVID-19 social and economic recovery from a gender perspective, this meeting celebrated the launch at the invitation of the Mexican government of a group of friends intended to encourage international cooperation between countries giving equal importance to issues of gender equality and women’s empowerment.

In his message, Minister Delegate UTO indicated that COVID-19 had strongly impacted women and girls and the importance for countries sharing the same ideals to cooperate to defend the importance of gender equality within of the international community, as well as working together to achieve a society that listens to women and reflects their will, in all fields.

Likewise, he announced the intention of the Japanese government to actively participate as a Member State in the Coalition of Action Dedicated to Gender-Based Violence, a partnership that is part of the Generation Equality Forum. , which is a gathering for all those who wish, regardless of their generation and their gender, to promote the equality of women and men.

Participants in the Group of Friends on Gender Equality agreed that the achievement of gender equality was a common challenge for the entire international community and they welcomed the initiative of the Government of Mexico to have initiate its launch.

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(Note) The Generation Equality Forum was launched in 2020 by UN Women and the governments of France and Mexico, in order to promote gender equality internationally, across all generations. Its first ministerial meeting was held in Mexico City from March 29 to 31, 2021. Japan was represented by Ms. HAYASHI Tomoko, Director General of the Office for Gender Equality in the Cabinet Office, who is responsible for plan for gender equality.

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