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“Ventspils” – Football Virsliga – Football celebrates victory in the Premier League Kurzeme derby


“Ventspils” beat “Liepāja” at home 2: 1 (1: 0).

The scorer was Lukass Villela-Rezende and Daniils Ulimbaševs. “Liepāja” team goal at the expense of Artūrs Karašauskas.

After 14 minutes, an incisive pass through the middle gave FC a chance to increase the lead for Liepāja, and he did not disappoint. Ten minutes later, Jevgēņijs Kozlovs was in the great position in front of the goal, but the defender’s shot was hindered by the opponent’s defender. After 29 minutes, Ulimbaševs made a speedy advance and dropped the ball to Villelam-Rezendem who shuffled it past the keeper.

Seven minutes before the end of the first half, Ingars Stuglis found Kozlov on the “second floor”, but the attacker lacked a few centimeters to reach 2: 0.

The majority doubled in the fourth minute of the second half. Eduard Tidenberg’s shot was blocked by Valentīns Raļkevičs, but Kozlovs rebounded the ball to Ulimbashev, who reached 2: 0 from a close distance. A moment later, Liepaja players answered with a dangerous shot in the lower left corner, but Dele Alampasu remained unbeaten.

In the 74th minute, the Liepaja team managed to reduce the difference in the result to a minimum. Several players couldn’t reach the ball in the air, but Ričards Fraidejs-Emeka jumped to Karašauskas in the left goal post, who scored the first goal for “Liepāja”. After the jump, Freuday-Emeka collided with the Alampas, who spent a moment on the grass, but then was able to continue the match.

Four minutes before the final whistle, “Liepāja” defense was thoroughly torn by Georgi Eristavi, but the attacker slipped and could not close the episode with the scored goal. In the 89th minute after Karaušauskas’ corner kick, Alampasu and one Ventspils defender were on the grass, but no penalties were imposed. Shortly after, Eristavi stopped the fast-paced attack in Liepaja, earning a second yellow card and leaving the field. In five minutes of compensation time, the result remained unchanged.

On Saturday, the Kurzeme derby took place for the 90th time in the Latvian Premier League.

After four rounds, both teams took the third and fourth position in the tournament table, leaving Liepaja with only one point. “Ventspils” team started the season with a minimal failure 0: 1 against RFS, but then with 3: 0 defeated “Tukums 2000” / TSS and played a draw 2: 2 with “Valmiera”. In the fourth round match with 3: 1 in the second half of the game managed to break “Spartaku”.

Liepāja club started the season more impressively – “Daugavpils” won with 2: 0, but “Metta” with 3: 0. In the following rounds, failures were experienced, conceding “Riga” with 0: 2 and RFS being recognized at home with 2: 5.

Jevgēņijs Kozlovs and Kaspars Svārups have scored three goals in four matches in the ranks of Ventspils, but in Liepāja club in the second round two “goals” at the expense of Mārtiņš Ķigurs, which is still the best indicator in the unit.

Last season, the two teams played four duels with each other. The first ended in a draw 1: 1, in the second “Liepāja” celebrated the victory with 4: 0, but in the third meeting Ventspils residents rehabilitated with 2: 1. The last game of the 2019/20 season between the two teams ended with a minimal victory for “Liepāja”.

On Saturday, the champions “Riga” and “Daugavpils”, as well as RFS and “Jelgava” will still balance their strength.



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