Valeria Arzenton, the Italian who defeated TicketOne, the giant of online ticket sales –

A repeated tripping – or rather: a complex abusive strategy – aimed at precluding the competition from selling, in any way and through any channel, a particularly high share of tickets for live light music events. Not only that: consumers have also been damaged, forced to suffer – due to the limited possibility of choice – higher sales commissions. Conclusion: a fine of 10 million and 868 thousand euros imposed by the Antitrust on TicketOne (the German giant of online ticket sales for concerts, theatrical performances, sporting and cultural events) e Quattro join the affiliate, By and Gi, Friends & Partners, Vertigo and Vivo Concerti. Behind the maxistangata there is also the conclusion of a long and grueling battle conducted against TicketOne by a Paduan entrepreneur, Valeria Arzenton, 46, who has been involved in events since she attended high school.

We organized parties with live concerts now tells the owner – together with the partners Diego Zabeo, ex deejay well known in Veneto, and Daniele Cristofoli, inseparable friend for 25 years – of Zed, a promotion and ticketing company with 40 employees, a turnover of around 15 million euros and which manages the Gran Teatro Morato in Brescia, Geox in Padua and palaces for 6-7 thousand people in Conegliano, Mantua, Forl and Montichiari. Graduated in political science, passionate tennis player, life-loving Venetian dad and solid and concrete Austrian mother, Valeria says that in 2001 we organized mountain parties on New Year’s Eve and today about 200 concerts a year. With Zed, and always in the Northeast, they performed Vasco, Metallica, Roger Waters, Jovanotti, Baglioni, Ramazzotti, Branduardi and Liga. Yes, we have grown a lot …. At a certain point comes the clash – we are in 2018 – with TicketOne, Italian company founded in 1999 and acquired in 2007 by the German giant Cts Eventim. We had opened our own ticket office – summarizes Valeria – and initially there was collaboration with them: we also sold their tickets to the events that their promoters organized at our facilities.

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Then the declaration of war, when they told us that we would no longer be able to market tickets for their events in our halls. They wanted to reset us. For me it was what with my lawyer Enzo Tino I defined a commercial rape. I freaked out, an unacceptable scenario. But I didn’t want to be stepped on. All this happens at the end of 2018 when the entrepreneur learns of the start of the investigation by the Competition Authority – activated against TicketOne by consumer associations and continued with the investigations of the Guardia di Finanza with a 200-page report accompanied by 1,500 documents – to which I accede. In audition I bring a dossier and talk about retaliation and boycott.

Words that appeared in the Antitrust verdict issued on December 20, 2020 which reads the abuse of a dominant position starting from 2013. In the meantime, Valeria receives calls from the owners of other small ticketing companies, they encouraged me to go on admitting to not having the courage to oppose those same impositions that they have suffered, “otherwise we would end up out of business”. I think I fought for them too. And to defend the music. In this war a long list of stars does not take sides. Renato Zero is an exception, immense: during a concert he invited the audience to applaud me. But TicketOne? The company speaks of a manifestly inappropriate decision, based on an incorrect definition of the relevant market. And for this I will turn to the Tar sure to win.

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January 19, 2021 (change January 19, 2021 | 10:30 pm)


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