Valentina, the New Hero in Mobile Legends that Can Imitate Enemy Skills

Photo: Moonton

For users hero mage can now have fun. The reason is, Moonton as a builder game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will release hero just titled “Valentina” at patch 1.6.34 later.

Hero ber-role mage it has quite a unique power. He can take advantage of his opponent’s strength in Land of Dawn by imitating exactly. Manipulating the opponent’s strength is the core strength of Valentina.

Passive – Primal Force

Valentina will get 30 EXP each he gives damage to his opponent. When the level hero enemy is no higher than Valentina, then 60 percent magic damage which he gives to his opponent will be heal on HP-nya.

Skill 1 – Shadow Strike

Skill titled “Shadow Strike” will provide a total of 170 percent magic damage to the enemy and will be affected slow by 40 percent for 1 second. Besides, Valentina will leave a mark on the enemies hit skill it for 4 seconds. Enemies who are hit by this mark named “Shadow Sigil” will have an effect terrified for 0.7 seconds.

Skill 2 – Arcane Shade

Of skill At this point, Valentina can fire 3 Shadow Bolts at her closest enemy. Each Shadow Bolts can give 30 percent magic power. So in total Valentina can give 90 percent magic power. Cooldown skill This 2 is 6 seconds. Also, whenever Shadow Bolts hits an enemy hero, cooldown Shadow Strike reduced by 1 second.

Skill Ultimate – I Am You

Skill ultimate This “I Am You” allows Valentina to absorb strength hero the opponent he points to and gives effect slow by 70 percent for 0.5 seconds. The power that Valentina had successfully absorbed allowed her to use skill ultimate enemy’s within 20 seconds. After removing ultimate enemy, Valentina will transform into hero enemy and get basic attack they.

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Level skill ultimate stolen can be determined from the level ultimate Valentina’s own. If hero The enemy is the hero physical damage, Valentina will get extra physical attack which is equal to +100% total magic power.

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