UTA protest in Córdoba: incidents, injuries and detainees – Summary 3


There were riots in the protest of drivers in front of the building of the Municipality of Córdoba, on April 27 and Cañada.

There were bullfights, stones and rubble that flew through the air and the Infantry Guard and special police groups had to act to disperse the protesters who wanted to burn two garbage containers.

Pablo Farías, deputy secretary of the union, told Chain 3 after the riots, it is a “shame” that “the workers come to claim for their wages and that they are detained on top of it.”

“I am in terrible distress. We are going to demand what corresponds to us until the last instances ”, he added.

Luciano Ferrari, cameraman for Canal 8 He was wounded by a shell.

So far there are seven detainees, while the fighting continues, between the police and the drivers themselves who are passing through the union intern.

A group of self-summoned arrived at the scene with banners that said “with the leaders at the head or with the heads of the leaders.”

On Monday morning, a crowd gathered in front of the headquarters of the Unión Tranviarios Automotor (UTA), where an assembly was held called by the union’s general secretary, Carla Esteban, within the framework of the urban transport strike in the city of Córdoba, which has been going on for 12 days.

The head of the drivers’ union called a meeting in front of the building located at 500 Vélez Sarsfield Avenue, through a video published on social networks.

“I need today more than ever to set aside the political flag. As a result of the marked division last week, the businessmen and the Municipality took advantage to try to violate the rights of the 3,000 workers, ”he stated in the recording.

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Esteban’s words made reference to the inmate who lives the UTA branch of Córdoba. The drivers accuse the leadership of “bad communication” in the negotiations to try to unlock the transport strike.

In addition, Pablo Farías, deputy secretary of UTA, indicated that they have not yet received any formal proposal from the companies, despite announcements from the negotiating Municipality to unlock the conflict.

“There is no viable point when there is no consistent or serious mediation,” he said.

“We have not received any formal proposal from the companies that are what they owe to the workers,” Farías warned this Monday first thing in the morning.

This to admit proposals, supposedly from the Municipality is a lack of respect. They use a medium and they have our phones so we can get together to negotiate

In dialogue with Chain 3, Farías reiterated that the debt belongs to the companies because they are the ones that owe the workers and that if the Municipality wants to help they must solve it among themselves.

“Those who have to solve how to pay are the companies and today it is a lack of respect to sit down to talk when the worker has not received a month and a half ago, he does not have enough to eat and he has a debt of more than 60 thousand pesos,” he lamented.

“There is a lack of interest in solving the facts because today, in such a critical situation, launching hints is a lack of respect,” he concluded.

Miguel Clariá interview.

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