Usa, Joe Biden’s attack: “Teachers and nurses paid more taxes than Trump” | The tycoon: “I pay millions and I have a lot of credits”

28 September 2020 16:52

The Democratic candidate for the White House rides the scoop of the NYT which publishes a report on the few taxes paid by the American president

Candidate dem retweeted a post from his team, which has already been viewed over 2.3 million times. The NYT scoop undermines the tycoon’s image as a shrewd and patriotic businessman, and unearths a series of financial losses and foreign income in conflict with his responsibilities as president. The news also risks damaging the support of the middle class for the tycoon, of whose interests Trump has often become champion. According to data from the Internal Revenue Service, the federal government’s revenue service, an average worker paid about $ 12,200 in 2017 – 16 times more than Trump paid. The news came two days after the expected debate that will see the tycoon face the Democratic rival Joe Biden on TV. Speaking at a press conference at the White House, Trump dismissed the report as “fake news,” said he had paid his taxes, and then promised to reveal all necessary information, although he did not provide a firm timing.

Trump: “I paid millions in taxes but I am entitled to credits” – “The fake news media, just like in the 2016 election period, raise the issue of taxes and all sorts of nonsense against me with information obtained illegally and only with bad intentions. I paid many millions of dollars in taxes but I had the right, like everyone else, to amortization and tax credits “: Donald Trump tweets in response to the New York Times scoop on his tax returns for the past 15 years.

Biden incassa l’endorsement del Washington Post – And pending the long-awaited first TV debate, the candidate dem sharpens his weapons and also collects the endorsement of the Washington Posto. The editorial board lent its backing to Biden by describing the former vice president as well qualified “to address the daunting challenges the nation will face in the next four years.” In an editorial, the editorial team criticized Donald Trump several times, writing that “the president’s negative example has shown how essential dignity, empathy and respect for other human beings are in a president.” The board added that Trump has achieved “few results” in his first term and has “no plans for the second”. “Democracy is at stake, at home and around the world. The nation desperately needs a president who respects its civil servants, defends the rule of law, recognizes the constitutional role of Congress and works for the public good,” not for his private advantage, “the board said. “Equally desperately, he needs a president with the know-how and experience to demonstrate that values ​​and results can go together. It is fortunate to have, in Joe Biden, a candidate who can lead an honorable administration and success, “he concluded.


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