US professor dies after third injection

Karen Croake Heisler, renowned professor emeritus at Notre Dame University not far from Chicago in the US state of Illinois, had emerged as one of the most passionate and fanatical supporters of the corona campaign and advocates of the vaccination campaign. She wasn’t even afraid to publicly “curse” the unvaccinated. now the fanatical vaccination propagandist died – 12 days after she had the third Biontec / Pfizer shot into her body as a “booster”. She was 67 years old.

According to his own information on Heisler’s Twitter account, where the ex-professor eagerly updated her “vaccination progress” (as “The Covid Blog” documented), she had received her first dose of the mRNA vaccine on January 13th. The second dose must have been given at the beginning of April, because on April 9, the elderly woman announced that she and her husband had only had slight vaccination reactions and only suffered from slight arm jokes.

Cancer got worse after “Booster Shot”

This supposedly “full protection” was probably not enough for the academician, who was also “exemplary” in other corona issues, and who preferred to be photographed with masks outdoors (and even took her dog for a walk with a special FFP mask): on September 7th they give themselves the third dose. After the “booster vaccination”, the state of health of the woman previously described as healthy deteriorated rapidly; less than two weeks later she was dead (Obituary of her alma mater see here). It will not be possible to prove a direct connection with the vaccination in their case either. However, there are increasing reports from people who develop cancer after a corona vaccination or whose existing cancer suddenly experiences an “explosive” spread. (If you also know of such a case, please send us an email.)

Vaccination unwaveringly defended

Heisler, who taught in the Faculty of Film, Television and Theater (FTT) at the university from 1993 to 2018, defended the vaccination steadfastly until her last breath – and let her “consistent hostility”, according to “The Covid Blog”, go free Run: Unvaccinated people are “selfish”, they should stay at home until they “come to their senses”, and otherwise vaccinators are responsible for their illness. In the end, it was she who never came to her senses.

On her Twitter page, the professor incessantly agitated against opponents of measures and vaccination opponents and spread all conceivable politically left platitudes. Allegedly, she even took her dog for a walk in a mask.


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  1. Three Strikes, and you are OUT of here! They say the booster is the finishing touch.
    When the vaxxed start dropping dead in even GREATER numbers than they are already, the fauci ghouls are gonna “have some ‘splainin to do, Lucy!”

    1. Agreed…

      Check out H.R. 5590, re “Natural Immunity” that our government is untruthful about. Bill sponsored by Rep. Diana Harshbarger [R-TN-1]

  2. Our hospitals aren’t filling up with the vaccinated, they are full of unvaccinated people who are falling for your satanic lies. Your demonic death cult will be brought to light soon enough and the world will see your lies.

    Ask yourself this, if these demons weren’t constantly telling you unproven stories about the vaccine, would you have any doubts about its safety? No, because you don’t personally know anyone who has gone to the hospital because of the vaccine. But I can guarantee you know or are acquainted with someone who has gone to the hospital because of Covid, and probably know someone who died from it.

    Stop the lies and fear mongering.

    1. I do hair. Everyone who has sat in my chair in the last month has a story about a friend or family member who has gotten covid, died or had some random heart, lung, or brain issue. I’m done listening to MSM I’m listening to actual ppl I know. You do what you want. But clearly in this case… this ladies cancer accelerated after the jab. Many others will too.

    2. Sa a report from a hospital in Mississippi, they had 49 people in the hospital with COVID that were vaccinated and 48 people in the hospital who are unvaccinated! So you’re the kind of people who spread these satanic demonic lies. Give yourself a few months and you’ll be history too.

    3. 10 000doctors in lawsuits supreme court of canada led by 1000lawyers Reiner Crimes Against Humanity. The monitoring system in place for 20yrs for vaccine death and reactions is offically 40k dead 4million hospitalized but looks like more evidence the numbers are 100times worse. The 4million have recorded their stories and the loss of health is criminal and very real. Oxford study shows 251times the viral load if vaxed, Israel the most vaxed in the world is busting with covid and on the 4th shot. Heads of universities, hospitals, vaccine developers, scientists, virologists are sounding the alarm not to take this death jab. The live Mrna video under an electron microscope shows distorted cells and clotting. The previous animal study of ferrets showed 100% death rate once exposed to the virus. THe vaxed are a ticking time bomb of shedding and spreading their spike proteins and they themselves will have poor immune systems and eventual death usually heart disease related. Even head of infectious disease control in france knows this. Doctors are being silenced which is UNHEARD of. Better do more research and give your propaganda a break. Your bringing in division and segregation over a 1%fatality as annual deaths remain unchanged around the world.

    4. I know of family and friends alike who are dead due to covid vaccination complications( though no doctor would admit that) and whom had no vaccine, got the virus, and dead within two weeks.
      Neither one is fun! Just saying…whether you’re for the vaccine or against it there is always risks either way. You want to get it then do so…you don’t want it then don’t get it. Doesn’t matter to me. If we prayed more for each other, mankind in general, allot of the division between us would be eliminated.
      Opinions are just that, opinions…we all have them…passionate and even prideful as we can be at times.
      May God bless all of those who are affected by covid

    5. Dear Robert…since you believe in God so much why don’t you believe in His creation? part of it is your immune system… I cannot remember any of the 10 Commandments telling any of us to inject ourselves with a foreign substance in order to make God’s creation any more ‘perfect’…when it comes to your question…in fact I know one
      person who unfortunately died of Covid-19, an elderly man who suffered with many other health conditions prior to contracting the virus… the virus which was made in the lab by the same people who are responsible for creating this same “amazing and life saving” vaccine! on top of it unfortunately I do know people who had reactions to the vaccine and had to seek medical attention which resulted in…guess what…no help and even more questions, since majority of the doctors do not know what is the cause of their ‘unusual sensations’…Our body belongs to us and it should be up to us not the Government to make a decision of injecting it with ANY substance…God also equipped us with an amazing gift of free will…just in case you forgot it should be “free” to use at any point..I pray you survive the booster…best wishes and God bless

      1. I will not do the Covid injection since the very people who say it works are still getting Covid and dying. I will trust God and do healthy things like eating right and exercise.

    6. Funny and ignorant comment because I actually don’t know anybody that has gone to the hospital with covid. HOWEVER, I did know somebody who fucking died from the vaccine and another who went to the hospital with myocarditis from the vaccine. I would be careful who you consider to be the demons in this world…

    7. I live in Singapore. Our ministry of health dutifully report to the W.H.O. They doggedly look to the US CDC for guidance. Our government report to the U.N. These three private organisations are puppets of depopulators. According to official report, my country is 95% jabbed and has passports privileges for the jabs. Our hospitals are full house with people who have received the jabs. After the third jab order was issued I can hear a sharp increase of daily ambulances sirens. Numerous have died of the three shots and our government is not reporting them. They are shifting the blame of their carelessness in approving the jabs on those who are wise enough not to get the jab. The unjabbed here will soon be plotting fir their daily survival.

    8. I had COVID in March 2020. I have a severely compromised immune system, lung disease, and I am elderly. I was good in a month or two. FYI, we all develop a natural Immunity to those viruses that don’t kill us immediately. This flu is NOT a killer, but indeed, the jabs are. My best friend had a heart attack after 2 doses. Another friend immediately got blood clots, bleeding stomach and esophagus, a heart attack, and caught COVID despite her 2 jabs. She’s been hospitalized for months. Her ex husband died the next day after 1st jab. Those who don’t show signs of disease and or illness now, soon will. Within 5 years most will have died.

      Also, it is the group who’s pushing the jabs that are the satan worshippers and child killers.

      Sheesh — goodness, all the Sheeple!

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the MRNA VACCINE contributed to Karen Croake Heisler death, or rapidly Advanced an underlying cancer. My Sister Stacey Schwartz had some underlying health conditions to begin with (one supposedly being Hypogammaglobulinemia) and in late February 2021 found out she had Smoldering Multiple Myeloma. Her doctor’s highly recommended a Covid19 vaccine because it would protect her. Haaa, yeah right. In March 2021 she received one MRNA Covid Vaccine and that night she had a really bad reaction, including a horribly painful and itchy rash (that hasn’t gone away to this day). Then without rhyme or reason, her Multiple Myeloma Cancer suddenly became Advanced (within a couple of months)and her doctors are stumped at how rapidly it spread almost all over her body. Furthermore, she will never be able to get the 2nd vaccine shot because of her reaction to the first one. Now she is battling an advanced unimaginable & excruciatingly painful cancer. I’m not a doctor, but I would sure as hell bet that the vaccine started this downward spiral & I believe it’s also why she’s having such severe reactions to her Multiple Myeloma Cancer Treatments too. I would also bet that her immune system is terribly messed up because of the Vaccine. A normal person would usually be able to be followed up and start treatment in a typical time frame , but it’s not typical for Multiple Myeloma to advance so aggressively. It’s the damn covid vaccine and no one is blaming deaths or these types of cases on it. They’re blaming it on underlying conditions, which some people didn’t even have pre-Covid vaccine.

  4. This is disgusting and vile to try to use her death to promote your misinformation. The vaccine DID NOT make her cancer worse. She got the booster because she had advanced cancer. You need to take this down.

    1. I read an obituary that said, “Karen Croake Heisler cause of death has not been made public.” Interesting, but I did read that she had cancer.

  5. Here in the Netherlands hospitals are full of vaccinated a doctor living in our village working at IC special room in the big city 10 miles from here said this to me personally, also many other people and MSM telling this

  6. Not happy that she died but karma sure came back on that finger pointing broad for saying stuff about the people who know not to inject that crap into their system. The only good thing out of this ,is that she will never put down people who actually know what is going on.

  7. My wife suddenly develop thyroid cancer two weeks after the second doses but our doctors claim it got nothing to do with the vaccine. And since my country is authoritarian no one dares to voice out any problems they got after the vaccine.

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