US police suspended after protesting January 6 in Washington

According to New York Times, internal investigations are carried out against these agents who participated “As ordinary citizens” to the pro-Trump demonstration that preceded the Capitol riots.

How far have they gone in their support for Donald Trump? According to New York Times, several American police departments have suspended or subjected to an internal investigation of the agents present at the pro-Trump rally which preceded the attack on the Capitol on January 6.

The authorities of New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington State have indeed pointed out that if these police officers attended the events of the American capital “As ordinary citizens”, the question was whether they broke the law.

In San Antonio (Texas), Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar declared that he had subjected Lieutenant Roxanne Mathai to an internal investigation, who posted a video on Facebook showing her near the Capitol, wrapped in an American flag, with a red, white and blue mask. According to New York Times, Mathai had proclaimed his enthusiasm for the demonstration on January 6, but had explicitly stated “That she would not enter the Capitol”.

“The right to be there”

Thomas Goldie, a police officer in the small town of Zelienople, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has also posted photos of him on Facebook with a Trump cap. But Jim Miller, Zelienople police chief, told the daily that there was no indication that Goldie had visited Capitol Hill:

The fact that he is in Washington is not a problem. He had the right to be there, but not to break into the Capitol, of course. ”

In Seattle, Washington State, in the northwestern United States, local police said Friday, January 8 that two officers had been placed on administrative leave for participating in the January 6 demonstration in Washington, and in Troy. (New Hampshire), a local politician, Richard Thackston, defended the local police chief, David Ellis, who had also visited the American capital to support Donald Trump.

Thackston told the New York Times that the events of the Capitol were “Appalling”, but that everyone has the right to participate in political demonstrations without fear of being fired:

As far as I’m concerned, there’s no problem with David Ellis. And the rest of the world is invited to mind its own business. ”


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