US election live ticker: +++ 11:37 Fifth Republican Senator recognizes Biden +++

Republican support for President Trump continues to crumble. The next Republican in the US Senate recognizes the election winner Biden as such. Senator Patrick Toomey of Pennsylvania congratulated the Democrat and his future Vice President Kamala Harris. As an occasion, he took the recent defeat of the Trump team in a court in his home state. In a statement it said: “In today’s decision by Judge Matthew Brann, a longtime Conservative Republican whom I know as a fair and impartial lawyer, to dismiss Trump’s campaign complaint, the president has exhausted all convincing legal options that will result in the presidential election To question Pennsylvania. ” Biden and Harris described Toomey as committed public servants, although he had significant substantive differences with Biden. Toomey is only the fifth Republican Senator to openly recognize Biden and Harris. Until the election, the party had 53 senators, in the future there will be at least 50. In early January, two more seats will be awarded in a runoff election in Georgia.

+++ 10:29 New York expands the investigation against Trump +++
The city of New York is expanding its investigation against US President Trump. As CNN reported that law enforcement agencies now also want to target tax write-offs. This involves millions of dollars in consulting fees, some of which were paid to family members of Trump and then tax deductible. Corresponding documents have been requested by Trump’s company, it says in the report. The starting point for this new investigation was a report in the “New York Times” that Trump received a tax refund of $ 26 million after deducting advisory expenses. His daughter Ivanka had received $ 747,000.

+++ 09:41 Republican mistakenly calls Biden “elected president” +++
The US Senator and Republican Marsha Blackburn called the election winner Biden an “elected president”, but later withdrew it. Like the portal “Slate“reported, she was asked in a live interview on ABC broadcaster whether she had” congratulated the elected president. “She replied:” No, I have not spoken to the elected president. “The future Vice President Kamala Harris also referred to her as “elected vice president.” Later, a spokeswoman for the Tennessee politician said she had made a mistake. Blackburn also asked Trump in the interview to provide evidence of his allegations of election fraud.

+++ 08:48 Warren: Silent Republicans are accomplices +++
Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren calls on Republicans to stop remaining silent on Trump’s unproven election fraud allegations. “Let me be very clear: Republicans who remain silent, dodging questions or issuing bland Vishi-Vashi bulletins while the government refuses to admit defeat and spreads misinformation on a daily basis are accomplices in a dangerous attack on the core foundation our democracy. “

+++ 08:13 Sanders compares Trump with Nero +++

The non-party US Senator Bernie Sanders compares President Trump with the Roman Emperor Nero. “Nero played the fiddle when Rome was on fire. Trump, the most dangerous president of all time, plays golf and sends nonsensical tweets out in the outrageous and desperate attempt to reverse the election, which he lost by more than six million votes. Bye-bye, Trump, you are not going to destroy American democracy.

+++ 06:49 Michigan MPs drink Dom Perignon in Trump Hotel +++
A visit by several members of parliament from the state of Michigan to US President Trump’s hotel in Washington causes outrage and excitement. As the “Huffington Post“reports, Parliament Speaker Lee Chatfield, MP Jim Lilly and other Republicans toasted with Dom Perignon champagne on Saturday after their visit to the White House. Not only the possible price of a bottle (between 500 and 900 dollars ), but also the fact that politicians were not wearing masks – while Michigan was diagnosed with 10,000 new cases of coronavirus and suspected the drinks might have been paid for out of taxpayers’ money.

Likewise, the visit sparked new fears that Republicans were not stuck in Michigan after all to their statement could stand that there were no problems with the choice and that they wanted to continue the normal process. That was what Chatfield, who was now drinking champagne, and Senate Chairman Mike Shirley, who had apparently not been photographed, said after a visit to the White House at Trump’s, who had invited them there. The president has been claiming for weeks that there was election fraud. It had been feared that Michigan Republicans would give in to his pressure. The fact that the representatives of the state are staying at the Trump Hotel of all places now seems suspicious to some users of social media. Also, the fact that Trump tweeted that the Michigan MP’s statement was “true, but not the way it was reported by the media,” raised questions. What this was supposed to mean remained incomprehensible, but fueled fears that something might be going on.

+++ 05:21 Trump requests recount in Georgia +++
It was foreseeable: Donald Trump has requested another recount of the votes in Georgia. The corresponding application was submitted on Saturday, said his campaign team. His lawyers said this was to ensure that every legal vote was counted. In Georgia, the roughly five million votes had already been counted twice, once by machine and once by hand. After the second count, Joe Biden was still 12,670 votes ahead of Trump. It is thanks to the tight result that the customer can now request another test. If the gap between the candidates is less than 0.5 percentage points, a further count can be requested. Trump’s team complained above all about alleged irregularities in the postal votes. The Georgia Republican polling officer stated several times that there was no evidence of fraud.

+++ 02:15 Federal Court in Pennsylvania rejects Trump lawsuit +++
Donald Trump’s attempt to sue for an election victory does not seem to be fruitful. In Pennsylvania, its lawyers have now suffered another defeat: Federal Judge Matthew Brann dismissed a lawsuit by Trump’s campaign team that had requested that millions of postal votes be invalidated. In his reasoning, Brann spoke of “forced legal arguments without basis” and “speculative accusations”. The lawsuit was driven by Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani. It stated that the outcome of the election in the state could not be certified because some voters were allowed to correct mistakes in their postal voting documents.

+++ 01:04 Georgia’s polling officer becomes a non-person with Republicans +++
Brad Raffensperger has been a Republican and a Trump supporter from the start. Now he has fallen out of favor with his party. Because in his capacity as election officer in Georgia, the secretary of state had to announce the uncomfortable truth for his party friends that Joe Biden won the 16 votes in the state. After the manual recount, 12,000 votes remained as a head start for the Democrats. He wished Trump had won, especially in Georgia, Raffensperger told CNN. “But the results are just what they are.” However, his party colleagues do not want to accept that. The two Republican US senators of the state had asked the Secretary of State to step down just a week after the election. And the state governor publicly urged him to investigate alleged electoral fraud – for which there is no evidence whatsoever. Raffensperger’s wife has even received death threats. CNN writes that the “conservative Christian republican” has become a pariah within the GOP.

+++ 21:55 Republicans ask election examiners in Michigan for a respite +++
Trump is sending the Republicans from Michigan to delay the confirmation of the election result in the state. Actually, this should happen on Monday afternoon. A joint letter from the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Michigan called on the electoral review committee to postpone the formal move for 14 days. There are two Democrats and two Republicans on the electoral review committee. So far, no strong arguments from the Trump side are known that would justify a delay – apart from rather vague allegations of fraud.

+++ 21:15 Biden’s postal voter in Pennsylvania – and what Hugo Chavez has to do with it +++
The Trump campaign is fighting by all means against the confirmation of the results in the controversial states. Trump’s campaign for Pennsylvania has now announced that it will challenge the pending confirmation of the result. In Pennsylvania, this formal move is due by Monday. And as things stand at the moment, Democrat Biden won there. Trump describes the many postal votes in the state as “illegal” and is putting pressure on the election management to remove the votes from the count. The crude reasoning of the Trump campaign: the postal votes are part of a democratic conspiracy, the voting machines are manipulated, communists, billionaire George Soros and the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez play a (rather unclear) role in the narrative. Everything is apparently in order to de-legitimize Biden’s victory.

+++ 20:16 Trump has three other people executed before handing over office +++
Donald Trump uses his last days in office to settle matters that his successor Biden can no longer undo. And this matter is really irreversible: Trump has the Justice Department schedule three more executions, in addition to two already planned, until January 20, i.e. until the inauguration. The death penalty has not been carried out at the federal level for 17 years. There have been eight executions this year – more than in the last half century. Human rights groups are now demanding that Trump suspend the executions until Biden is in office. Biden speaks out against the death penalty and is likely to break with Trump’s practice.

+++ 19:15 Confirmed results: The status in the tug-of-war for the US election +++
Small intermediate result, don’t be alarmed: Donald Trump leads Joe Biden in the polls! But only if you only count the voters who come from countries that have already certified the election result. Then it is 63 to 35 for the incumbent. Brief explanation: The certified result is something like the official final result in Germany. In individual electoral districts, the count is completed and then checked for completeness and accuracy. That happens again at the state level. This procedure must be completed by December 8th. However, some states are already through – among other things, the result was certified yesterday in particularly competitive Georgia. As a reminder: In Georgia had to be counted again and it remained with a wafer-thin lead for Biden. Because it’s so tight, Trump can request a recount. Certification is still pending in five particularly competitive states: Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Except for Wisconsin, these states will present a final result as early as next week.

Read what happened in the US election ticker here.


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