US Diplomat Expresses Concern Over Russia’s Support for Myanmar Junta and Its Impact on Southeast Asian Stability

Russia’s support for the Myanmar military junta has been criticized by the United States envoy to the region, who argues that it is “destabilizing” Southeast Asia. The article will examine the reasons behind Russia’s support for the junta and explore the potential consequences of its actions, including the impact on regional stability and relations with the United States. The political and economic implications of this support will also be discussed, as well as the role that other regional powers, such as China, may play in shaping the region’s future. Ultimately, the article will consider whether or not Russia’s actions in Myanmar could be seen as part of a larger trend towards increased engagement in Southeast Asia, and the potential consequences for regional security and stability.

The relationship between Russia and Myanmar’s military rulers has been condemned as destabilizing and unacceptable by a senior US official. Derek Chollet, a US State Department Counselor, expressed concerns about the wider impact of the escalating crisis in Myanmar following the coup that saw advances in the junta’s ties with Russia. Recently, Moscow has become Myanmar’s closest ally since the coup and the first major power to voice support for the junta. Russia’s supply of weapons to Myanmar’s military rulers is fueling a conflict that is becoming catastrophic for the country, and it’s a problem for the region, warned Chollet in an interview during his trip to Southeast Asia.

The United States is worried that Russia could seek to establish military bases in Myanmar, paving the way for further territorial ambitions in the region. Activists and UN experts have also condemned China and Russia for supplying weapons to the military junta, citing systematic atrocities against civilians. According to the United Nations, about 1.2 million people have been displaced by fighting.

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Chollet has urged anyone speaking with Moscow to demand that their continued military support for the junta be deemed unacceptable and destabilizing. He has also expressed concerns about the supply of arms from Russia to Myanmar, which is only growing. He described the military relationship between Russia and Myanmar as concerning and urged other countries to engage in diplomatic efforts to stem the crisis.

The Biden administration views the crisis in Myanmar as the most acute threat in Southeast Asia, including instability, cross-border crime, and illegal narcotics. Chollet said that the United States is working with other countries to engage the democratic opposition in Myanmar and back the Southeast Asian diplomatic effort in the country. He added that the US wanted to manage the relationship with China responsibly and put guardrails on areas where there are differences.

Chollet emphasized that the US was not afraid of competition and that there would inevitably be confrontational issues, like Taiwan’s future, on which they fundamentally disagree. Countries in the region have expressed anxiety about US-China tensions, making it challenging to navigate global alliances.

In summary, the crisis in Myanmar has been destabilizing, and Russia’s support for the junta’s military rulers through weapons supplies is making the situation worse. The United States is concerned about the impact on the region and has urged other countries to engage in diplomatic efforts to help address the crisis. The relationship between the US and China is under stress due to a range of issues as both countries work to explore global alliances.

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