UPA Andalucía warns that the central government “leaves out thousands of producers in fertilizer aid”

The general secretary of UPA Andalucía, Cristóbal Cano, has shown his disagreement with the measures approved this Tuesday by the Council of Ministers, because they have not modified the minimum threshold to access fertilizer aid and leaves out thousands of small producers all Andalusia.

The agrarian organization has reported, through a statement, that the Council of Ministers has approved direct aid to alleviate the abusive increase in production costs, especially fertilizers.

“It maintains a minimum threshold to access these aids of 200 euros, which translates into leaving out farms with less than 3.6 hectares in irrigated land and 9.03 hectares in dry land, which means that it leaves thousands without coverage. of small producers” has criticized.

The general secretary of UPA Andalucía, Cristóbal Cano, has argued that “we do not agree with the fact that the minimum threshold of 200 euros is maintained, especially when the most recent precedent, Royal Decree 428/2022 of June 7 , which established the regulatory bases for the direct granting of exceptional aid for the conflict in Ukraine”.

In these exceptional aids, according to UPA, limits were included, however these were lower: sheep sector, 150 euros; goat, 50 euros; calf fattening, 36 euros; and citrus, 150 euros.

For this reason, the general secretary of UPA Andalucía has expressed his annoyance at this definitive agreement that excludes thousands of small producers who have also been harmed by the abusive increase in the price of fertilizers.

Likewise, it has asked the central government to reflect on and modify the proposal “to include small farmers and sectors, such as fruit and vegetables, which are currently also left out as they are not crops that receive payments from the first pillar of the CAP, and we hope In short, that they reconsider the decree and accept our contributions to improve it”.

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