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Due to the great demand, Bachem wants to expand. A new factory will soon be built in Eiken, Aargau.

There are major expansion plans that pharmaceutical company Bachem announced on Wednesday morning. It is about creating hundreds or even thousands of new jobs in northwestern Switzerland. The company, based in Bubendorf, in the canton of Basel-Landschaft, is buying land on the northern border of the canton of Aargau, in the municipality of Eiken, and has some projects there.

Historic day for Frickaler Dorf: fiscal blessing and growth

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Stefan Grunder, mayor of the Fricktal de Eiken rural municipality, is delighted that Bachem has settled in his village. It was a historic day for Eiken and a giant leap for all the communities in the area, he said when asked by SRF. The new company will bring additional tax revenue, and some employees will definitely want to settle in Eiken, Grunder hopes.

On the so-called Sisslerfeld, Bachem wants to build a new production plant for around 750 million francs by 2030 and create around 500 new jobs. The expansion could then become even larger, so that eventually up to 3,000 new jobs could be created, the company reports. Given the current economic situation, this is a kind of prize pool for the entire region.

Large reserves of land and many skilled workers

The decision to settle in Eiken, Aargau was made after a multi-stage selection process, Bachem CEO Thomas Meier told Radio SRF. On the one hand, the Sisslerfeld area offers great development potential, as there is a lot of free space here, which was very important when looking for a location.

We can buy a lot of land here in stages

Thomas Meier points out that it was not a decision against the Basel-Landschaft office, but a decision in favor of Sisslerfeld. The size of the land reserves here makes the difference: “We can buy a lot of land here in stages.”

Sisslerfeld – A focal point of Aargau’s economic development

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The Sisslerfeld area in the Fricktal covers an area of ​​around 200 hectares, of which 80 are still undeveloped. It is considered the largest land reserve in the canton and the largest working area reserve in the whole of north-western Switzerland.news/schweiz/life-science-cluster-fricktal-auf-diesem-aargauer-areal-sollen-tausende-arbeitsplaetze-entstehen" data-urn="urn:srf:article:20080277" data-title="Auf diesem Aargauer Areal sollen Tausende Arbeitsplätze entstehen"> The Aargau government attaches great importance to the area and started a strategic development process a few years ago.

As part of this process, the canton itself is buying land on the Sisslerfeld, almost seven hectares for over 21 million Swiss francs. In addition, the four municipalities of Eiken, Münchwilen, Sisseln and Stein cooperate with the canton and the regional planning association for further territorial development. Among other things, the fragmented plot structure on the Sisslerfeld needs to be simplified.

According to the Aargau government, the development goal is to create 5,000 to 10,000 highly skilled jobs on the Sisslerfeld.

In addition to land reserves, Eiken also belongs to the biotechnology cluster in the metropolitan area of ​​Basel; Specialists from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are available here and Bachem relies on them. “For us, highly qualified specialists who can implement the complex chemical syntheses of our products are important to us,” says Thomas Meier.

Was there also a tax agreement?

The advantages that Sisslerfeld offers to the company are obvious. Aargau Economic Director Dieter Egli (SP) also points out the large reserves of land and the availability of skilled workers for the SRF. Of course, he is happy with the significant economic growth in his canton, but he also emphasizes the work behind it.

The canton had to clarify many things in a relatively short time before Bachem made the decision on the location, for example all plans for the development of the area with public and private transport.

I cannot say anything about the details of the tax situation of the individual companies.

When it comes to location decisions of this magnitude, financial and tax considerations also play a role for companies. Dieter He does not say to what extent Aargau Bachem is accommodating here and whether there is a special tax ruling for the company: “In terms of the tax situation, we have basically a good offer in Aargau. But I cannot say anything about the details of the tax situation of the individual companies “.

Medicines for diabetes or cancer

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The Bachem company was founded in Liestal in 1971 and moved to its current location in Bubendorf in 1977. After a period of steady growth, the company went public on the Swiss stock exchange in 1998. Today the company employs around 1,200 people in northwestern Switzerland and has other offices in western Switzerland, the United States and England. With the expansion plans in Bubendorf and Eiken, more than 1000 are added in the medium term and even more in the long term.

As a supplier to the pharmaceutical industry, Bachem has been producing peptides and oligonucleotides since its foundation, a type of small protein used as an active ingredient in drugs such as those used to treat diabetes or cancer.

The demand for these ingredients is currently high, which is why the previous plants are no longer sufficient for production. For example, about two weeks ago, Bachem announced that major new orders were on the way.

In addition to the planned production plant in Sisslerfeld, Bachem is also expanding its headquarters in Bubendorf. Work is already underway here: the company is investing a whopping 550 million francs and will create around 800 new jobs. With the new headquarters in Aargau, the company’s production capacity is once again significantly higher.

Exactly how the new headquarters will be developed and built is now definitively planned. Details on how to proceed and the start of the works are to be communicated in 2024 according to the Bachem notification.

Evaluation of the SRF corporate publisher Eveline Kobler

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Hundreds of millions are investing in new jobs, even as the global economy is slowing, inflation is sometimes too high and interest rates have risen. Bachem’s example shows that the pharmaceutical industry works differently than industry or tourism, for example.

Economic ups and downs hardly affect the pharmaceutical industry and its suppliers like Bachem: after all, drugs are needed even in times of economic crisis. In this way, the industry can also tackle ambitious expansion projects such as those announced by Bachem.

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