United: resumption of passenger flights Zurich – New York

The increase in international travel continues to advance. From April 2nd, United will again be flying passengers between Zurich and New York.

In the course of the corona pandemic, many international short and long-haul connections were discontinued. Things are slowly picking up again in some places, and a positive signal is now also coming for the Swiss market. The US airline United will be offering passenger flights between Zurich and New York again from next weekend. As a pure cargo route, this connection was resumed at the end of January, among other things Travelnews reported. Possibly they are now preparing for the hotly debated and increasingly likely border opening of the USA.

Pure cargo connection since January

United is sending more and more positive signals towards the return of international flight connections. The connection between Zurich and Washington-Dulles was resumed at the beginning of March, and passengers will be able to travel between Zurich and New York again in just a few days. The Boeing B787-9 Dreamliner goes directly to New York-Newark three times a week (Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays). The route has been flown again since the end of January, but so far only cargo has been on board. From Good Friday, passengers will be able to fly again for the first time.

Boeing 787 United Airlines

The background to these resumed passenger flights could be that the USA is constantly expanding its concept of opening the border. At this point in time, it is very likely that the USA will allow tourists to enter the country again from May onwards. Domestic vaccination success will certainly also play a role, as it will also stimulate outbound tourism. It has already been reported in some cases that pre-pandemic numbers are expected when it comes to outbound tourism.

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Since the USA is currently no longer on the Quarantine list of the Federal Office of Public Health standing, the opening of the border would be a promising factor in order to be able to upscale travel to America again.

Frequencies between Zurich and Washington increased

The start of passenger flights between New York and Zurich isn’t the only good news. The direct connection to Washington, which has been in place since the beginning of March, will also be expanded. Instead of the previous three weekly flights, there will be six from May 7th. A Boeing B767-3, which offers very modern cabin equipment, is used here.

Conclusion on the resumption of passenger flights between Zurich and New York

Where previously only freight was transported, passengers can fly again in just a few days. However, as long as the USA still adheres to its current entry concept, the demand will certainly be limited. This could change quickly as soon as the country reopens its borders. The fact that United is already resuming passenger flights at this point is to be understood as a good sign that something could happen here soon.

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