Unique LADA T Concept Shown – Network in Shock

“Bugatti is the way out,” users write.

Hypercars are not a common phenomenon in Russia, but what if they are made a little cheaper? The domestic designer decided to imagine what it would be, if hypercars produced AvtoVAZ.

The network showed a unique concept LADA Tthat just hit the users on the spot. The car has a streamlined body shape – you can only imagine what kind of aerodynamics it has.

Hypercar LADA T It has a lowered clearance, a redesigned suspension, unique wheels with racing tires, as well as a huge aerodynamic spoiler mounted in the rear of the car.

Concerning technical componentThere is no information about this. One can imagine that the LADA T received a powerful propulsion system under the hood, which allows it to compete with such well-known cars as Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren.

The cost of the Russian hypercar would be much lower than that of competitors. It is worth noting that the network is shocked by the unique LADA T concept: “If only AvtoVAZ would do such things …”, “Bugatti – go out”, “The concept was gorgeous! Rather, in a series! “.


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