Unbelievable: Alberto skating his way to dollars in Manhattan

The splendid Park Hyatt Hotel, in New York, welcomes its guests like this: “Enjoy the luxury of our five-star hotel facing Central Park.” That, until three days ago; now he has added an attraction: “In the corridors you will be able to come across Alberto Fernandezexotic president of Argentina”.

I imagine that with such a proposal, the Hyatt will be overwhelmed. Tourists from all over the world will want to meet such a singular leader, a fantasy character, who came to power through the Front of All and today, three years later, he has everyone face to face.

The professor had been presented with a complex problem. Between Iberoamerican Summit from Santo Domingo, on Saturday, and his meeting with Biden in Washington, tomorrow, there were three blank days left; a true black hole, usual in his agenda, but in this case away from home. That is, he had to decide where to do nothing: in Buenos Aires or in Washington. Meeting with Fabiola in Olivos, she proposed a third option: sweet doing nothing In New York. What better than shopping on Fifth Avenue, eating sushi in Nobu and maybe be lucky enough to run into a celebrity in Central Park. Beto’s first reaction was untimely: a resounding no, almost shouted; how it occurred to him that a president in the campaign (it is not known for what) could be living the high life in the Big Apple. “Fabi, 100% inflation, 50% poverty, terrifying drought, bleeding of reserves in the Central Bank, and it occurs to you that we go for a walk like happy tourists!” While he was ranting, she had googled “best five stars in Manhattan”, and had his eye on the Hyatt. What are 3,500 dollars a night for the public treasury, reasoned Fabiola, who mischievously gave her the price for a standard room and not for the presidential suite. It took her a minute or two to convince him. Head of State at last, Alberto put a WhatsApp to Cafierito: “Invent me a meeting in New York.”

Alberto Fernández, smiling with Susan Segal, from the Council of the Americas, Fabiola Yañez and Jorge Argüello; he had achieved the great objective: to set up a meeting

Ambassador Argüello was able to set up something, but little: a phone call, a mock meeting at the headquarters of United Nations. They also took a photo in front of the notebook in the room, something that seems to be working; She did not disclose which series she watched. The chronicle of our correspondent in the United States, Rafael Mathus Ruiz, has delicious details: he says that the agenda “It was defined on the fly”that the Argentine entourage “he moved without vertigo” and that Cafierito appeared in the hotel lobby “dressed in jeans and a Stones T-shirt.” What a player!!!

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Tomorrow, unfortunately, the program ends: the teacher will have his photo with Biden, who is dying to have a photo with Alberto. Biden’s plan is to pull his ears for flirting with China, ensure the supply of Argentine lithium and send greetings to Cristina who watches him on TV. Alberto’s plan is to say yes to everything, offer Argentina as a gateway to Latin America and ask the interpreter to repeat things back to you, to make the meeting last longer.

Massa, in New York; he joined the entourage to give lessons to bankers in crisis

The summit was very carefully prepared by the president’s team; of President Biden. In the Argentine delegation they trust the fresh spontaneity of the professor, a lynx in the face to facediplomatic language stylist, expert complimenter.

Massita will also be in Washington, but not to support the high mission of the Casa Rosada. He is hired by the North American banks shaken by the financial tremor. They don’t want to take a step without first hearing it.

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