UBports is looking for 50 developers for an alternative mobile operating system

With the Linux-based mobile operating system Ubuntu Touch, the UBports community offers mobile device users an independent mobile operating system, as an alternative to Android and iOS. In order to quickly optimize Ubuntu Touch, which is being developed by the international UBPorts community, and to broaden the range, the UBports Foundation wants to attract 50 extra developers and € 1 million in funding this year. Confidence in the quality of the operating system has led to Ubuntu Touch now being offered pre-installed on Volla smartphones, among others.

Freedom of choice mobile operating system

The independent community that has been responsible for the further development of the Ubuntu mobile operating system since 2017 has grown considerably in recent years. The UBports community believes it is important that there is freedom of choice for smartphone users who need an alternative operating system and further steps are needed for this. Community efforts have already resulted in Ubuntu Touch currently supporting various models of smartphones and tablets. These are officially supported by the UBports core team. The aim is to further expand the number of devices that Ubuntu Touch offers pre-installed in the coming period.

Substantial number of global users in 2026 The growing interest in an alternative mobile operating system is evidenced by, among other things, the fact that the UBports website attracts between 30,000 and 60,000 visitors monthly and that the 13 forums receive 1.2 million views per month. Good news is that an average of 40-70 developers per year participate in the further development and that 5-10 volunteers sign up every month to contribute.

Jeroen Baten, operational marketing manager of the UBports Foundation: “Our community believes that everyone is free to use, study, share and improve any open source software created by the community without restrictions. Our aim is to attract even more developers in the coming months, so that Ubuntu Touch can be further optimized and offered pre-installed on more smartphones. We are looking for cooperation partners for this and we aim to have 10,000 non-technical end users by the end of this year. We aim to have a substantial number of Ubuntu Touch users worldwide by 2026. In addition to extra developers, funding partners are also needed to achieve this objective.”

Direct and indirect partners The mobile phone market is huge and the niche market in which UBPorts operates quickly becomes substantial as a result. This is interesting for both direct and indirect funding partners who want to contribute to the further development of Ubuntu Touch. Indirect partners can make donations to the UBports Foundation, which helps collaborating partners to further develop their products. Partners who contribute in a direct way can do so by hiring developers to enhance specific features. Of course there are also opportunities for private individuals to contribute to the development.

Ambitions for 2021 and beyond In order to meet the aforementioned objectives, the ambitions below have been defined for the coming months. The UBPorts community wants to have optimized the following aspects and functionalities by the end of 2021:

  • Support of the modern GSM/VoLTE protocol;
  • An application through which all Android applications can also be run seamlessly on Ubuntu Touch;
  • An update of the underlying operating system: The newer Ubuntu 20.04 version brings many advantages in hardware and software support;
  • Adoption and integration of the graphical desktop environment Lomiri;
  • A newer version of the open-source widget toolkit Qt;
  • Optimization of all core apps.


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  1. I’ve been astounded with how well UBPorts’ Ubuntu Touch already works on a Oneplus One. Picked up a used one for seventy dollars Canadian, and as a non-technical user, I’ve had no problems. Can’t run android apps (yet), must use a device suported on their Devices page, and I understand that it doesn’t work well with some American cell networks. But the basic OS is nicer than Android or iOS, it doesn’t spy on you, and it runs way better than Android on older phones.
    You, dear reader, could get ahold of a supported device and try it out! If you like it, donate a bit of money!

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